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tarot inspiration, tarot, tarot reading, free tarot reading, accurate tarot reading, card of the day, card of the week, coming out tarot, lgbt, lgbtq, inspiration quoteWe look so many different places for inspiration. Artists look to the every day. Designers look to what’s come before and what’s practical. My Tarot Inspiration started from a playful gift and grew into a way of connecting with the world around me. Tarot inspired me to see the world in new ways.  I looked at relationships, advice, and spirituality differently.


I’m not an artist, I’m an artistic supporter (That works SO much better with athlete, thanks, GREASE). While I have an eye for art, and can take part in a good drawing, act the hell out of a high school or college play, and make a beautiful origami…whatever, I don’t excel there. I excel in helping other professionals achieve their goals. At some point we all decide to give up what others might consider our foolish dreams or childish pursuits. (Unless you just won a Tony – Lin Manuel-Miranda) Me? I leaned into them and became a stage manager. And hanging with other artists (with a – shocking- LGB community) gave me access to ideas. Those ideas lead to Tarot. And Tarot led to exploring life’s mysteries.


gay marriage, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbt rights, lgbtq rights, relationships, tarot inspiration, free tarot reading, accurate tarot reading, coming out tarot, gay men, gay man, groomsRelationships and the motivations that people being to them are a singular mystery that people have tried to explain for thousands of years.  Read some Greek.  Go’head. Tell me that they weren’t working through some really dramatic shit. It’s the same today. We’re all trying to find our place around other human beings without all the information. I think the Tarot brings those relationships to light in an objective way. Tarot is the third party system that is seen as an outlier and also as an observer. So I started using it that way. I explored managerial relationships. I explored how to handle the argument with a significant other. I explored my first gay relationship. And guess what? My Tarot inspiration sessions were a guiding light. Now, my delivery might need some polish, but I had a place to start. I finally found a way to give myself great advice!


I love to coach and give advice. I love to participate in the growth of others. Why not give advice inspired by Tarot through collective wisdom? Collective wisdom is the idea that we can all access this etherial bank of knowledge that allows  us to better understand the world around us. Collective wisdom is not the wisdom passed down that fire is hot and dangerous. It’s the quick gut feeling you get when you know someone is probably not going to be your friend. It’s the, “I knew it!” moments. The Tarot provides us the archetypes and experiences of collective wisdom so we can recognize them in ourselves when we are most in need of direction. In fact, the major arcana is a story book of collective wisdom that is a journey of self discovery and spirituality.


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Haindl Tarot

I’ve always considered myself an atheist. But maybe, just maybe, I’m agnostic. At any rate, I think there’s a spiritual connection that binds us all together.  It’s a bit woo-woo, but I believe an energy that we’re all a part of exists. I don’t think the Tarot would be as powerful as it is, when a connection is made between client and reader, if that energy did not exist. We have many theistic choices today. What fascinates me is the spiritual choice. Tarot offers the connection to the spiritual in a way that educates, informs, and drives us. I think, very much so, in an actionable way.  But maybe that’s just ’cause it’s how Tarot is through me.

My Tarot Inspiration

So I get it, is what I’m saying. My Tarot inspiration answered (and answers) the same questions you have. I know that we all have relationship questions and want to find the love of our lives. I know that we are grateful for advice (especially if it’s great) that isn’t condescending or demoralizing or homophobic or transphobic. I know we’re all just trying to find our place in this world.  ‘Cause I’m looking for the same thing.  So let’s get together and chat. I’ll bring my Tarot cards. You bring the questions.

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