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coffee meeting, tarot reading, free tarot reading, one on one, 1:1, manager, management, people management, tarot people manager, feedbackAs a people manager, I’m always looking for tools that can support me to be more effective in my job. (There are some great podcasts out there, BTW, ask me) I use Tarot as a people manager as a tool to effectively review and study the relationships I have with my staff. I use it to understand their motivations. These steps help me to be a more useful and better manager.


When individuals on my staff have found challenge with moving forward and I run into the tough spot of not knowing how to help them, I consult the Tarot. Usually I use a three card spread, current state, action to take, and action to avoid. I formulate a clear question and lay out the cards. By the end of the reading I have had an objective review of the situation with actionable advice. Then I can apply that advice to the rest of the details I know about the situation at hand.  That might be other people involved, the goal we’re trying to achieve, the connection to the strategic plan, etc. Once I have the full picture, then I’m ready to develop my feedback for the employee to be delivered in our next one on one.


Sometimes an employees motivation is not clear when their behavior is not what we as managers expect. I believe that snooping into someone’s life via Tarot is not appropriate in any way. What I do think is appropriate is considering the actions or feedback I can provide to encourage the behavior I desire.

Are you struggling with finding the way to work more effectively with an employee relationship you find challenging?  Let’s walk through your challenges and find some effective solutions.

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