Asking Your Tarot Reader a Question

tarot reading layout, coming out tarot, free tarot readingTime to explore why asking your Tarot reader a question is a challenge. I have experienced that a lot of people struggle with knowing what to ask me as a Tarot reader.  They just know that they’re at a point of change and are looking for insight.  I also experience that once a question exists, we might have to work together to plan it in a way that drives toward an actionable solution. So let’s discuss how to ask a question for any sort of Tarot reading: free tarot readings or paid tarot readings.

How should I phrase a question?

I believe that tarot readings are not mean to predict your future, answer yes or no questions or help you win the lottery. That’s also part of my style. They are great insight into the examination of choices.

Some specific templates for a question include:

  • “What are the conditions surrounding my choice to come out at work?”
  • “What is the outcome if I choose to leave my current job?”
  • “What is the outcome of if I accept this promotion?”
  • “What are the conditions surrounding my relationship with X?”
  • “What is the outcome if I accept a position at X company?”
  • “What are the conditions surrounding my trip to Glasgow?”
  • “An employee just told me they’re transgender, how can I best support them?”

Translations for a Question You Might be Thinking

  • Will I find my true love? or get married? | What steps can I take to prepare myself to be ready for a partner who compliments me?
  • Will I get the job? | What actions can I employ to put myself in the position to be seen as the right person for the job?
  • Will I ever stop picking the wrong partner? | What habits do I fall into in relationships and how can I change them?
  • Are there children in my future? | You should probably think back to if you had sex or met with a doctor for insemination.  Then probably, yes. We all know how the baby thing works. Get a test at Walgreens. 🙂

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Tarot readings are meant for you to examine your decisions, choices, experiences, your spirituality and your personal connection to the universe (or world around you). In doing so, Tarot will help you make informed decisions about the choices you have in front of you.

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You’re the Psychic Tarot Reader. Don’t You Know My Question?

I am not a mind reader! I will use the tarot to help address your choices and will need your active participation in our conversation/email before the reading.

Can I Ask a Question for (or spy on) Someone Else?

I can only answer questions for the person who is actually asking them. After careful consideration about how I would handle a Tarot reading in person, how I utilize the energy around me and between me and the person asking the question, I wouldn’t be truthful to say I could access the other person’s (the one not in the room or asking the question) energy. Tarot reading online can be much more challenging to find the thread of energy from a post or email. Additionally, if you leave me a question asking as someone else, your answer will pertain to you and not to the person you’re asking for, and that’s not cool for the person you’re taking the time to support.

I’m sure you thought of a couple questions while you were reading this post. 🙂  Join my list to the right and you can “try before you buy” with a 1 card reading. Or click that link below and let’s get started.

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