It’s Time to Take Your Next Step and Purchase a Reading!

To purchase a reading, click on any of the options below to learn more about the reading offered and how each will help to transform your life and help you take your next steps. (ApplePay looks available on the product, but only works in the cart – I’m working on the resolution!)

Once you’ve purchased your reading, I will contact you to schedule a time to perform the reading so it’s on both of our calendars. Your reading can arrive via email with a private link to your reading on YouTube following the appointed time, or we can schedule time via Skype/FaceTime.

Read Me: The Fine Print

Please contact me with any questions prior to purchasing your reading from my Tarot Shop.  Once purchased, a reading is only refundable if you contact me for a refund seven (7) days before the scheduled time.

If you miss your appointment with me, your payment is forfeit and you will need to schedule and purchase another time.  This rule is in place because I could have scheduled someone else if you weren’t able to make your appointment and I believe both of our time is valuable.

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