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People have been trying to discover the secret to finding the perfect relationship forever. That means people have been looking for relationship advice forever. That has included me. I’m sure it’s included you. I think, what we both will realize, is that we’ll never find perfection. But we can find what works, work at that, and strive for perfection.

Ever since the first Tarot reader discovered the archetypes in a deck of cards could provide insight into our lives, seekers have come to those of us who practice Tarot to receive relationship advice and learn more about their relationships. I don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t want an objective source to affirm what we know or to discover our joy or acknowledge our grief? The experience of another person knowing what we’re going through is powerful. Especially when they are in tune with facts that were never shared.  To experience the ability to know without knowing is magical. That draws us in and provides legitimacy to the reading.

I’d like to share with you why I use Tarot, what a Tarot reading is, and how Tarot readings work from my perspective. I think that providing this foundation will support your understanding of why Tarot can be so helpful to someone who is working through different stages of a relationship (like we all do). Whether that relationship is romantic, platonic, friendship, or workplace based, all relationships have a human element. I’ll also share with you some experiences where the Tarot has come in handy in these situations for me. The Tarot is a great tool.

You’ve probably seen this quote:

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Nothing is more true than that statement. I will testify to that in court. My husband and I are far from perfect people. But we certainly don’t give up on each other. Ever.  Sometimes I feel like we have a streak of Frank and Clair Underwood in us. I never thought about it before, but they are clearly the King & Queen of Swords. They’re decisive, they’ll cut you, and they’re ruthless. They’re also shiny, strong, and sharp. Speaking of Tarot, let’s get to why where here.

Why I Use Tarot for Relationship Advice

I started using Tarot as game. Then, like most teenagers, I also realized the potential the Tarot had to bring clarity to who liked me or who didn’t and why.  And by liked me, I mean, LIKED me.  ‘Cause we might want to go together. [Insert yes/no/maybe checkbox memory here…] As I matured with Tarot I learned that my relationships were surrounding me in ways that weren’t just romantic. I had work relationships. I had spiritual relationships. Suddenly I learned that I could use the Tarot for understanding all them. Inspiration had hit. I now had a system that provided insight into my relationships that either confirmed my suspicions or offered insight into people and myself in a way that I wouldn’t have come to on my own.  I discovered I love to use Tarot to examine relationships!

What is a Tarot Reading?

So let’s back up for a second. What is this reading I speak of? Let me clarify so you have a base for context. A Tarot reading with me consists of a question from you, me shuffling the cards from a Tarot deck, then I choose a spread that is relevant to your question, and as I lay out the cards we begin a discussion about how they reveal the current situation and the action items you can take to achieving your goals, and then I follow up to see how you’re doing with your action items. In fact, I’ll share a few of my spreads with you. It might take some of the mysterious out of the experience.

Show Me the Spreads

How Does Tarot Work?

Tarot works because you and I think it does. Tarot works through practice and skill. So just how does Tarot  actually work?  A Tarot reading is a conversation between you and I and an objective deck of cards. We work together to understand your question. I layout cards in a spread and interpret their symbolism. Then we have a discussion about how to reach your desired outcome. Yes. It’s that simple.  All the hard work is on my side. I study, meditate, blog, practice, seek mastermind groups, discuss ideas and best practices with peers, and invest in my practice so you can have the best experience. I want you to leave your reading feeling like I understood you. Like I heard you. And that you have some homework in actionable items to achieve your goal. For me, Tarot works because we’re working together. Not because I “saw” that you were going to have a relationship in a few months. No. We’re going to talk about how you can manifest that relationship for yourself. In fact, before we get to some Tarot reading relationship advice examples, check out the worksheet I’ve created for you. It’s meant to be interactive during your Tarot reading journey.  It has a pre-reading, during the reading, and post reading checklist of items to help you keep on track. And as an added bonus, the button below will take you to my Tarot prep kit.

Show Me the Prep Kit

Relationship Advice – Tarot Reading Examples

Managerial Relationship Advice & Tarot

I manage a team of people. I’m also a project manager who leads teams of people with which I have no role power. Managing those relationships, plus those of the executives above me can put me in challenging situations.  So I occasionally use Tarot to flesh out the relationships I’m currently managing. I also use Tarot to determine actionable steps to move those relationships forward so that I can achieve our strategic plan.

Help Me Manage People

Workplace Relationship Advice & Tarot

I recently had a mini breakdown at work in front of an executive. For my own clarity, I needed insight into the relationship, why the breakdown occurred, and what my next steps were. The reading I share here was from a spread I built off of two different spreads. Both together were very powerful insight. In all, it gave me a clear understanding of how to manage the relationship going forward and a better understanding of where I was coming from.

Show Me How You Worked Through

Romantic Relationship Advice & Tarot

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I could do more in my relationship. Probably because I hear so many relationship stories where couples are losing their way. So I decided to do a relationship reading for myself. It took a bit of concentration to be open to the ideas the Tarot was sending my way rather than to close down and blow them off. I want to share this with you so you have an idea of what a relationship reading can look like. I wanted to know how I could be a better husband. I’m sure you can relate. I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation when it comes to your partner or spouse. In all, it was a great reading with strong actionable advice.  I think I just need my own project manager to ensure I stay on track. 🙂

Show Me Your Relationship Reading Example

Relationship Advice

So I’d like to wrap this epic post up by telling you  – I’m no relationship expert. I’m trying to figure it all out like you. So why even need me? What I do have is 40+ years of relationship experience and collective wisdom that has been passed through the centuries. I have an objective tool that provides the opportunity for creative thinking. I have the determination to help you succeed. What I hope is that you’ll see yourself in one of these scenarios and that we’ll get a chance to work together. It is my sincere desire to help you make your relationships successful.

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