How do Tarot Readings Work?

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One of the questions I get frequently is, “How do Tarot readings work?” I think they work differently for everyone. What I can tell you is how they work from my perspective as a reader. To me, Tarot readings are the coming together of two people (usually) to discuss the potential outcome or desired outcome of a set of actions. Between the two of us, I will have the intuitive response and you will have the recognition of experience to get us on the same page so we’re working toward understanding the actions needed to achieve your desired outcome.  This experience is what I’ll break down further. Sharing my perspective should give you some insight but I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments below or feel free to contact me.

Desired Outcome

Usually when someone comes to me for a Tarot reading, they’re looking for a deeper understanding of something that want. You can interpret that as a job or role in your company, a track at university, a more fulfilling relationship (a just a relationship in general!), love, release, moving on from the past, etc. Those are pretty meta ideas, but you get the gist.

During the course of our conversation the intimacy of the question becomes clear and I can help you focus on the specific concern that brought you to me in the first place.  It’s pretty rare that you would reveal your inner most desire to someone you don’t know on an intimate level right away, right?  Right. So we take our time to create a safe space to allow that to happen. I’ll ask probing questions that you answer however you deem appropriate. Then I’ll guide you through our next steps before we even start the reading.

Take finding love for example. I probably can not help you find love. What I can help you do is define the qualities that are important to you in partner so you’ll recognize the opportunity for love when it crosses your path. Or let’s say you’re in a relationship that is struggling.  I can help you work through what actions you can take to ensure you’ve done everything you can to bring yourself to the relationship in a way that leaves you no regret because you tried.

Performing the Reading

Now I’ll lay out cards for your reading. In doing so, I’m interpreting a lot of symbols and relationships. I’m looking at card suits, imagery, elements associated with the suits, other symbols that might be on the cards (like iChing, Runes, Jewish letters, astrological signs), numbers, the placement of the card in the order of the deck, the layout, and probably things I’m forgetting. It’s really the ultimate in reading.  You’d think I’d be better at foreign languages…hm. I mean, if I can read all of that together, shouldn’t I be able to put together another language?

Pulling all of that information together into cohesive thought that is filtered through the question from you is what the reader does. It takes a lot of experience for a reader to perform this action. Not everyone is meant to do this work.

During the course of reviewing the cards I often will have an intuitive response. Sometimes that means images pop into my head. Sometimes it means that I have a physical response to the reading. You might see me sit straight up, laugh, tighten my body, or uncontrollably smile. Those are intuitive responses. They inform the reading I’m giving. You’ll probably hear me mention them or refer to them and what they mean for you.

What You’ll Leave With

When you see me for a reading you always leave with actionable advice. I also hope you leave with a sense of comfort that is inspired by someone understanding where you’re coming from, hearing you, and empathizing. Since I do these online, you’ll also leave with a recording of the reading so you can always reference back when needed.  Here’s what some other’s have had to say about having a reading with me.

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