What is a Tarot Reading?

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The wild Unknown

A Tarot reading inspires discussion between two people in an effort to answer the querent’s question (and in my case, leave with some actionable advice).

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The discussion between the reader and the querent is informed by the reader’s interpretation of the imagery, numbers, elemental and astrological correspondences in a deck of cards. In addition, the cards laid down may or may not have a spread to guide the conversation. Let’s unpack some of that – ’cause there’s a lot there.  Really.

  • The question
    • Questions are the driving force behind the discussion. Without a question, the Tarot reader is left to intuition.  When you book and come prepared with a question for your Tarot reader, you come prepared for a full and engaging experience.
  • The shuffle
    • Sometimes a shuffle is just a shuffle.  When shuffling Tarot cards for a reading, the action is about concentrating on your question and its intent. For me the shuffle is about concentration and focus.  I find that comes through ritual.  So I shuffle very specifically.
  • The spread
    • Your Tarot reader may use a spread during the reading to provide structure and a deeper insight to the cards that are laid out.  An example is the well known celtic cross.  10 Tarot cards are laid out in a cross pattern with a staff next to them.  ( + |) <– Kinda like that. Each card position indicates a layer of information like the past, what’s blocking you, how others are influencing you, etc.
  • The cards
    • Some Tarot readers will choose a specific deck to use based on the querent or the question or their comfort.  I’ll use a combination of all three.  To me some decks appear to be more appropriate for a spiritual question (Haindl) and others appear more in line with relationship questions (Illuminati).
    • I like to pull my own cards for reading.  However, sometimes I will let the querent pull cards.  It’s a personal choice.
  • The discussion
    • After pulling cards and placing in the layout I choose, then the interpretation of those cards is relayed to the querent.  Next thing you know, we’re talking about what it all means. That’s how Tarot reading inspires discussion. This is the shortest paragraph, but the best part of the reading!

So a Tarot reading has many parts but ultimately it’s always about how the Tarot reading inspires discussion. Want to try it?

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