My Step by Step Tarot Process

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I thought I’d share some elements of my process when I use my tarot cards to perform a free tarot reading or an depth tarot reading for the LGBTQ community and allies. I also use these techniques with reading for myself. I have five steps for myself that are about Tarot reader preparation before I even shuffle.

organized desk with tea and computer and bag, free 1 card action oriented tarot reading, coming out tarot, tarot cards, tarot reading, free tarot reading, tarot reading preparation

Tarot Reader Preparation

  1. I clean/clear the area where I’m about to perform the Tarot reading. I make sure I have a comfortable chair. I ensure other daily tasks are complete or scheduled so I’m not worried about them. This lets me focus on the task at hand, the Tarot reading. Sometimes candles/scents are involved but also definitely not required. I am not into crystals.  So you won’t see those lying about.
  2. I remove my Tarot cards from their box (usually wood because the earth/natural element is important to ME, not because it’s someone else’s idea of a strict requirement (that’s not what tarot is about. It’s MY ritual)). I set them on top of the box or in the center of where I’m about to work. Then I re-scan my work area and make sure I have everything I need. I usually remember I want water or tea at this point. ?
  3. I hold my cards loosely in my hands, enveloped. I close my eyes. Then, as I ask for protection of myself, my house, and everyone (pets are 4 legged people!) in it, I imagine green and white strands  of earthly energy/material coming from me and enveloping me and my house (think the protection spell in Harry Potter when the professors protected Hogwarts).
  4. Then I imagine myself walking through a park with a bench whereGarden path, spirit guide, tarot, free tarot reading, coming out tarot my spirit guide (His name is Doug) waits and we walk together towards a huge, heavy, wooden door with iron circular handles. The green and white energy has followed me and as I reach to open the doors to invite the energy and light of the universe in, those strands of energy encircle my arms and provide additional strength and protection so Doug and I can open the doors. In fact, sometimes they help grab the iron handles. As the door opens, light floods and I “see” a tunnel or ribbon (?) of energy coming towards me and I direct it towards my third eye, pull it into my entire self, and imagine the energy flowing through me and into my cards. I also inhale physically.
  5. Then I open my eyes and exhale the energy towards my cards. In a way I feel like this step is connecting me and my cards and the collective spirit through energy.

Shuffling Tarot Cards

  1. Then I consider the question pertaining to the Tarot reading, shuffle three times, cut three times, and turn the cards in a circle three times. A bit OCD but it’s my Tarot reader preparation. Ritual. Whatever. 🙂

    Mini Tarot Shuffle 3x OCD List:

    1 is for active connection

    2 is for internal connection,

    3 is for the harmony of both.

  2. Then I choose a layout that aligns with the question (or what layout will best provide an answer to the question) and draw.

This whole process takes maybe two minutes. And now that the Tarot reader preparation is complete the reading can begin!

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