Tarot & My Husband

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I Have a Supportive Husband

Husband: Do you really believe in all that Tarot stuff?

Me: Yup. The way I use it. All action.  No woo-woo. I like coaching and helping people.

Husband: Are you going to practice your witchcraft now?

Me: (resigned) Yes.

I’m really pretty lucky. I am supported. Others might take offense. Calling Tarot Witchcraft to me is a release of discomfort and misunderstanding. I’ve explained the difference in very rudimentary terms.  He’s smart enough to know so I never get very far. It’s also a tease.  Teasing is one of his family’s way of showing love. He’s been through a reading with me years ago. I should get him to do another.  I’m so much more focused than I used to be. I understand my style is actionable advice.  Not the “here’s what I see” stuff but the action that follows that experience.

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I Need a Supportive Husband

The truth is, I need his support.  Without it, I would be pretty alone and unsure. He asks me how it’s going. He listens when I’m working through a problem. He assumes I want his advice. And I might.  But I probably don’t. So I’m grateful that he’s not dismissive. He cares enough about me to care about my interest.

Do you have someone who supports your journey no matter what it is? Let me know about it.

My Journey is Supported!

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