Tarot Reading Preparation Kit

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Your Tarot Preparation Kit – Finally!

I’ve rounded up a few posts that I think fit nicely into a preparation kit for a Tarot reading.  These will take you through a six step process from beginning to end. I hope that you find these helpful as you consider getting your own Tarot reading!

  1. What is a Tarot reading?
    1. Here you’ll learn more about how a Tarot reading is a dialogue and a discussion.
  2. Choose the best Tarot reader for you
    1. What do you know about your Tarot reader? This posts will help you find out more about them.
  3. How I prepare for a Tarot reading (As a reader)
    1. This post will give you an idea of how I pull myself together to focus on you.
  4. Formulating a question for the best experience
    1. Read this one!!  It’s the post that helps you have the best experience and get the most out of your reading
  5. Book the reading!
    1. If this doesn’t happen, then you’re left to your own devices.  🙂
  6. Preparing for the reading (As a client)
    1. A few things to think about before receiving the reading.
  7. Follow up & feedback
    1. Please send me feedback about the reading, I always want to get better. And you just might hear from me to see if you’re moving forward on the actions we talked about.

So that’s the basics.  I think you’ll also find this worksheet super helpful. Check it out!

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