Tarot Doesn’t Predict Your Future

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Tarot <> Future

I am a firm believer that Tarot doesn’t predict your future.  Well, when I read, I don’t have an insight into the future. Don’t get me wrong, there are some spreads that have layouts that clearly indicate something in the future happening and that may get discussed in a reading. But you’ll always hear me qualify any futuristic statement with, “based on your current path.”  I also firmly believe that our lives are not set in stone and that we are masters of our own destiny.  A pack of cards and a soothsayer can’t create that for you. Since I’ve probably shocked you, surprised you, or possibly angered you (yes, you, Tarot reader who does read the future), let me explain.

The Future Isn’t the Current Path

When people come to me for a reading they come at a point of decision. I love examining choices through Tarot. Even better, I like providing actionable steps to achieve your desired outcome. So during your reading we’ll start off talking about your question and delving into what you really want to know.  ‘Cause, to be honest, no one ever tells me what they want to ask me the first time.

Me: What would you like to ask or explore?

You: I’d like to know if I’ll find love.

Me: Are you in a relationship now?

You: Yes.  But I don’t know if we’re meant to be together.

Me: Would you like to be together?

You: I love him but he’s always out without me so dinner’s always cold and we don’t talk about politics anymore it’s like he’s always talking to friends he says I’ll never like so I might as well not meet them and we’re not even sleeping together any more. I don’t know. I love him. I do. I just don’t know what we have in common anymore. I think it might be over.

Me: Would you like to better understand the current state of your relationship? Explore what you have in common? Think about how you can communicate better? Maybe understand more about what’s blocking you from having better sex? And then we can talk about what you can do about it all?

You: Yes. All the things.

In this example, besides being pretty true to life, talking/emailing with you gives me the opportunity to get to the heart of the matter. Once there, then I get into a sweet spot where we talk about actionable advice. Not about your future.  Your future is entirely up to you.  

What About the LGBTQA Future?

tarot, tarot globe, tarot world, tarot card, tarot reading, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqa, lgbt tarot readingI think this story is still being written.  But as a member of the community, I think I bring an insight into your experience that other Tarot readers don’t have.  I bring a level of understanding that I hope puts you at ease. I want you to be able to share your truth with me. For some I know you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the “T” with a reader who didn’t understand the community experience we share. See that box to the right?  Fill it out and let’s take your question through a Tarot reading test drive.  And the bonus is that if you are game, you can come back anytime for one of the readings in my shop. I’m here for you.

Looking for a Tarot Reader Who Does Future Predictions?

Me too!  I don’t do them.  But I’d love to have a referral list for individuals who like readers that do predictive readings on future states.  If you are a predictive reader or you know one, please shoot me an email so I can start a referral list of names and contact info!

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