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Tarot Guidance

Tarot is a great neutral entity that provides objective insight, guidance, and direction when other avenues just don’t cut it. A Tarot reading provides you guidance when you’ve exhausted other resources. I often look for Tarot guidance when I’m navigating a sour relationship, traversing new ground, or in a situation that seems unexplainable. I want someone to explain it so I understand and can be confident in my choices.  Sometimes I look to books (when I’m looking for an expert). I’ll search to YouTube (when I need to change the thermostat on the water heater). And sometimes I turn to my Tarot deck.

When you’re struggling with interpersonal relationships at work or at home, knowing the root cause of conflict can provide insight into another’s experience and provide new avenues to success. I find this sometimes as an out person at work.  I can apply Tarot to assist in navigating day to day relationships. I can also apply Tarot in navigating the relationships I’ve built around being gay and out at work. Many might think them one in the same.  But we know they’re not. At least, I think they’re not. Gay relationships at work can be about kindred spirit, affinity for equality, and there’s sometimes that one straight guy that learns what flirting gets him.  Well, let’s be honest, there’s always that one straight guy.

The Tarot taps into the energy surrounding relationships and susses  out all the history, venom, love, complacency, action, etc. But the best part is that Tarot is also built to provide advice on how to work through those relationships. It can guide you to a new approach or even a style that you may have overlooked. Commit to the guidance the Tarot recommends. Begin  managing your relationships in an informed way with resolution in sight rather than grasping at straws.

Objective Advice

Speaking of grasping at straws, the Tarot can provide you direction when you need objective advice.

haindl two of stones tarot card coming out tarot
Haindl, 2 Stones

I will use the Tarot when I’m looking for insight into my choices. Whether my best friends and confidants have weighed in on the issue. Questions about choices like: What personality traits are the best fit for my project? Should I take job A or job B? What’s the outcome if I choose job B?  

When faced with choice of two job offers, how do you decide which one you choose? Salary? Work/life balance? Travel? Domestic Partner benefits? Adoption leave? What about culture, working conditions, the relationship you have with your boss and coworkers, how open you can be about who you love and married? Is it even time to make a decision or is it time to sit back and let events unfold?

These questions and more (I’m sure you thought of a couple) can be answered in a Tarot reading.

Would you like to understand your next step in your relationships?  The insight into many choices to feel more comfortable about your decision? Or I can help you answer one of those questions you just thought of!  Connect with me below.

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