What is an LGBTQ Ally?

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I’ve mentioned a few times that this site is not just for LGBTQ folks, but also for our Allies. So, what is an ally you say? LGBTQ Allies are the people who are in your corner even when you’re not around. Let’s look at a few characteristics of a great LGBTQ ally.

  1. An LGBTQ Ally knows the community landscape

    • Not being a part of the LGBTQ community automatically adds a layer of privilege. We hear this word a lot lately.  It doesn’t mean that you’re rich and white.  It does mean you have an experience that is different that the LGBTQ community. That experience doesn’t allow for you to know what an LGBTQ person has been through 100%.
    • So do your research!  Listen to the news.  Read blogs. Follow HRC. Search YouTube.
  2. An LGBTQ Ally listens

    • Allies hear what the LGBTQ community is saying and how we’re responding to issues. They ask questions and look for deeper insight. Empathy is on of the Allies greatest qualities.
  3. An LGBTQ Ally is vocal

    • Keep speaking up. Even when we’re not around to hear you.  Your passion and support is needed, invaluable, and we’re so grateful.  Thank you.
  4. An LGBTQ Ally lives on the edge

    • We know you’re gonna make mistakes when you’re standing up for us.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t learn and grow to become an even better Ally.   Stay on the edge. We need you there.

Hmmmm – this makes me think of an Ally spread. Allies – I have a quick question.  How can I be of better service to you?  Drop me a line.

Allies Rock!


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