It’s Time to Make a Change

I recently read an article that said 70% of Americans seek out opinions before a purchase.  That means that seven out of ten of you are looking at the testimonials on the side of the page (or at the bottom if you’re on your phone) about people who’ve worked with me before. That also tells me that if you’re in that 70%, you’re ready to take your next step and make a change. I excel at putting the pieces together to help you take your next step and achieve your goals.

Stop Being Unaware of Your Next Step

Tell me if these sound familiar. You get to work and realize you don’t remember how you got there. You have a passion project in mind that you’d rather be moving forward instead of what you’re doing today but instead you’re just stuck.

I want you take a moment and think about that feeling of being stalled. Stop being unaware or ignoring it. Let it settle over you for a second. Doesn’t it feel like you’ll never get out? I’ve been there. I remember sitting on the train and watching the world pass me by as I went to a job that I hated. I’ve been in that space where you just keep doing the same thing over and over (isn’t this the definition of insanity?) hoping for a different result. And sometimes it’s just damn hard to change your routine. Life can get in the way. So what do you do? Go out for a drink and do it all over again? No. You figure out that shit and do something about it.

You’re in a safe space with me as a Tarot reader

Get Insight, Clarity & Confirmation of Your Next Step

Let’s say you have objective insight into your choices. That you’ve been provided clarity and/or confirmation about the outcomes of those choices. Wouldn’t you be able to make informed decisions about what you should be doing? Of course!. You’re a smart person.

In fact, I imagine you would rather ask for advice when you don’t need to look like the expert in the room. You’re in a safe space with me as a Tarot reader, I believe you’re coming to me because you need supportive and objective insight and advice that you can’t get anywhere else.

Change Is Hard

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. Change is hard. But change is hard for a reason. You’re changing because you’re growing. And that’s why you’re here. Having a Tarot reader like me is having a trusted confidant to help you work through the challenges you’re experiencing.

My job is to turn the unexplainable into action. This is what I do

It’ll Never Work

There will be naysayers who think that going to a Tarot reader means that you’re throwing away your hard earned money or that it’s a scam preying on the weak. I call BS on that. I use the Tarot to tap into the human condition. That means you and I are having a connection that opens possibility based in real life experience. Once you’ve received confirmation through the Tarot that we’re on the same page, that’s when the magic happens. You receive insight into your life based on your question and leave with the clarity of next steps to an achievable goal.

And of course it will work. As a natural project manager, my job is to turn the unexplainable into action. This is what I do.

And don’t worry, your time with me is strictly confidential. Unless you tell others that you came to me for insight and your next step, our conversation doesn’t leave the sacred space we create.

Your Next Step is Life Changing

Picture it. Sicily, 1943.  (I’m kidding, but I love the Golden Girls).

Think about it for a second though. Imagine that you suddenly seem to have what you were working towards. All because you sat down with me. Because you asked a question that you were brave enough to finally ask. But you took the action outlined in your next steps following the reading and changed your life.

Honestly, that’s the hardest part. Taking action. So I created some follow up options for you in case you need someone to keep you on task. Built for how you work best, one is via email and the other is 30 minutes via phone or Skype.

Join Me On Fridays

If you’re still not sure if a Tarot reading is right for you, I’ve got a way for you to try before you buy. On Friday evenings, about 6:00 CST I jump on Periscope (If you don’t have the app, you can also watch live on Twitter) and pull one card for individuals who share my broadcast (super easy, super chill, super free, but you have to ask your question in public).  There’s also a $10 option for two cards and more in depth answers. Or you can just creep and watch how it works and get a feel for me. You wouldn’t be the first. In fact, I encourage it. I’d rather you feel comfortable with me than have a bad experience and swear off Tarot forever. Every reader is different. Always ask a reader what kind of reader they are. In fact, ask me and I’ll explain it if it helps.

You took the action outlined in your next steps following the reading and changed your life

Before Purchasing A Reading

I’m so excited that you’re already in the process of changing your life. Working with Tarot is a profoundly spiritual journey that will uncover the outcomes of your choices, provide confirmation of your current circumstances, and lay out the path for you to continue moving forward.

Get Started!