I help you Take Action.

I am an action oriented Tarot reader. I offer a way to affirm, analyze, and approach your choices so they become actionable decisions. 

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Your experience with me will not be passive. You won’t find me predicting your future (most of the time). I love to provide insight to confirm your current situation as well as actions applicable to your question and desired outcome. As a natural project manager, you’ll also find me following up with you to help ensure movement on your actions in order to achieve your goal.

What can you tell me about yourself?

I’ve been a Tarot reader for 30+ years.  I have a wonderful husband who is supportive of everything I do and teases me about it all at the same time.  He keeps me very down to earth.  Not too hard, we’re both Taureans! Check out 10 Things You Should Ask Your Tarot Reader – this is great insight if you want to know more about my style.

When I’m in my element as a Tarot reader I have physical reactions to the story the cards are telling me.  Sometimes I get tired, sometimes I sit bolt upright, sometimes I can’t stop smiling.  This empathy informs my readings and I may mention the reaction I’m having when I do a reading for you. Lately, I’ve been experiencing moments of mediumship (messages from those who have passed, think Long Island Medium) and you may hear about that during your reading as well!

I don’t hold back what I “see” (that might just be a fault) and it is my goal to support, encourage, inspire you to make the best choices you can in life.  I have no desire to make your day worse, lead you down the wrong path or harm you in any way.

Most people ask me for a reading when they’re at a point of choice in their life – when they’re ready for their next step – let me help you take that step.

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It is my desire that everyone seek professional advice when it comes to financial, health and legal matters.