Workweek: Your Peer Relationships

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What’s Peer Relationships?

In every job I’ve ever had, peer relationships exist. I have worked with peers that I got along well with, that I just worked with, and those that I wanted to avoid. I’ve noticed that those I get along well with were peers that I would back up, help reach their goals when I can, and they will do the same for me. And we have. For those peers that I work alongside, we achieve goals togther, but they are also mutual needs that are to be accomplished in order to meet a department or organizational goal. And, as you can imagine, those peers I want to avoid I find myself constantly running into on projects. My choice is to work together or fail. So I choose to remain employed and find a way to work together.

Peer Relationships & Tarot

tarot deck spread, coming out tarot, free tarot reading, accurate tarot reading, trustworthy tarot, peer relationshipsTarot has helped me understand underlying motivation of not only the person I want to avoid, but also the person I’m just working with. And if things get rocky with the work-best-friend, Tarot is there to examine that relationship and provide solutions too.

Maybe not surprisingly, a relationship reading is the best type of Tarot reading to work through managing your peer relationships. I’ve written or vlogged about many different type of relationships. The peer relationship is one of the most often overlooked. Because you don’t think of it as a relationship. Most people tend to acquaint themselves with Tarot relationship readings as solely romantic in nature. But why? Everyone you meet we’ve had some sort of relationship with!

Peer Relationships & Tarot Insight

So why not utilize Tarot to gain some insight on this valuable relationship? You spend almost eight hours a day with this peer, maybe more, it might be investing in, don’t you think? Here are a few things a Tarot reading about your peer relationships can answer:

  • History of the relationship (what brought you to the state you’re in today)
  • Nature of the relationship (Boss/direct, aggressive/passive, oil/water)
  • Communication in the relationship (Does it exist? How does it look today? What’s the best way?)
  • How to work better together
  • How to improve your relationship
  • How to be successful together
  • Events or people that might be affecting the relationship (and how)

Your Peer Relationships Explained

So if you’re inspired to learn more about your working relationships or if you’re excited to improve them, please reach out and let’s discuss how you can take the next step towards their success.

And if you’re looking for the 10 Minute answer, look no further than 10 Minute Tarot.

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