Email Tarot Reading

$13 $10

Too busy for a full reading but still need actionable advice you can take to the bank? Get an email reading and get started achieving your goals!



You’re on the go and sitting down with a Tarot reader seems like too much time. Especially when it takes an hour out of your day. I get it, I’m always reprioritizing what I can get done in the day almost every hour! You might want to think about an email reading.

Sometimes too much insight and detail can even be overwhelming. A nugget of advice may be all you need to get activated and get that momentum going. An email reading is short and to the point.

So I’m offering email readings similar to how I give advice on Periscope. You purchase your email reading and send me a question. I’ll confirm where you are today and/or give you the steps you need to achieve your goal.



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