Tarot – The Objective 3rd Party

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Why Use Tarot as an Objective 3rd Party

Have you found yourself faced with choice, relationship decisions, or confused about how to reach a goal at one time or another? Too often you can be so close to an experience that you can barely make a clear headed decision. Sometimes it’s because you’re clouded by emotion. Other times it’s because you’re venturing into new territory and your experience is at a minimum. And when things are really exciting, you could be experiencing both at the same time! GAH! Tarot can be used as an objective 3rd party to guide you through just these types of experiences.

I Use Tarot as an Objective 3rd Party

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I recently used Tarot as an objective 3rd party to review how I could be a better husband.  Think if it as a convenient therapist you have on hand. I learned that I have some immediate action to take and put into place today. I’ve started to move the advice I received forward. So you’re probably not surprised that I would do a reading for myself. How can this same experience be yours?

Observing Tarot as an Objective 3rd Party Tool

As I’ve read for others I’ve noticed that it’s affirming and relaxing to hear someone pull information about your circumstances from a deck of cards. First off, the practice of having a Tarot reading is very intimate. It can be nerve-racking for some and safe space for others. When you decide to have a reading, a reader uses  an inanimate object that is steeped in history and tradition as a source of information to provide a sense of relief. Because the information coming from the reader is inspired by cards as opposed to gossip or hearsay or who knows what else, a moment is created where you realize that the situation you’re going through is understood, you’re heard, and that your desire is universal. All from a deck of cards that has no history with you and doesn’t feel one way or the other about your experience or status.

Every single card you drew and everything you said is an exact representation of my situation! … It was the best tarot reading I have ever had, and you have resorted my faith in Tarot reading. – Storme, Australia

I think one of the most important parts of having an objective 3rd party in play during an intimate discussion is that it allows for ideas that you might not have otherwise had. Sometimes I will be performing a reading and the person sitting across from me (or reaching out after their video) will suggest that what I’m saying isn’t true. Or they may suggest that what I said can’t be placed in their current relationships as they know it. Or they may want to twist my comment into something they recognize rather than being open to a new idea. Thank goodness for video and recordings! Now the client can watch the video or listen to a recording later and reflect on how life events have progressed since the reading. Every time, the thing that I said that was “weird,” or “doesn’t make any sense” suddenly has meaning. Without the Tarot as a 3rd party objective tool, that moment of insight would have never happened. (BTW – that’s a great reason to get a tarot reading!  No #FOMO anymore!)

LGBTQ Objectiveness

I like to perform readings for the LGBTQA community. Why? ‘Cause I see the world through that lens. ‘Cause I want to give back to my community. ‘Cause I want to support LGBTQ and Allies with a skill I have in an affirming space that they may not get anywhere else. So does that mean it’s still objective when I do a reading? Yes! I just have the language for and understanding of the community I want to serve. So never fear. Even within my niche of Tarot reading, Tarot is still objective.

I think that’s pretty freakin’ amazing.


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