Violence is not Senseless: Dallas Police Shootings

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Violence is not Senseless and Dallas Proves It

I do not believe that violence is senseless.  In fact, I believe it’s very much the opposite. Violence is not senseless. For every person murdered in Chicago, every cop killed in Dallas in the #dallaspoliceshootings, for every name called in the logo below including Alton Sterling and Philander Castile, for every officer attacked in multiple states, there was a clear and deliberate choice made to commit an act of violence.

blacklivesmatter, tarot, tarot reading, angels or wings, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqa, orlando, orlandopulse, pulse, shooting, dallaspoliceshooting, dallas police shooting


It’s Time to Listen – Dallas Isn’t the Beginning

My work invites me to meet individuals with vastly different backgrounds, cultural experiences, and family life than what I know.  You’ve seen my picture.  I’m the typical face of the 40-something white gay male. I’ve met people from across the US, from other countries, from different ethnic backgrounds, etc. They all contribute to my experience. But none have so altered by view of the world I live in today than the experience of Black Americans.

The food from the backyard will make your eyes roll back in your head. The slap on the back of your head will make you think twice before you open your mouth again (Been there, I needed it, trust me). Hearing the stories of Black Americans will change your life. But have you LISTENED? No.  You heard and defended.  You heard and said, “that was years ago.”

Lean in for a moment – real close – cause I want you to hear this – IT’S NOW. And if you were in front of me I’d probably slap you in the back of the head.

There’s going to be a lot of video. not just from Dallas but from the entire weekend from Wednesday forward.  There’s going to be a lot of talking heads.  Stop listening to the talking heads.  Who the fuck are they anyway?  And BTW, don’t go find a black person to talk to about how you’re feeling.  ‘Cause now you’re an asshole.  Do some work on your own.  Educate yourself.  Then come to the table to listen to the experiences.  Listen to the stories.  White people don’t have a lot of story tellers.  We have books, TV, plays, media, encyclopedias, written history (written by white people).  The marginalized have story tellers because it’s the only way that the truth is passed on from generation to generation. And here’s a radical concept: don’t offer your opinion. Listen, politely excuse yourself, and be thankful. That’s right.  Keep your mouth shut.  Because it ain’t your turn.  You had it.  You just don’t recognize that you did.

Uniformed Men & Women Run In For Your Protection

Now briefly about police. Not the Dallas police in particular. My husband works in the first responder profession.  He was a cop for many years. He continues that experience in his current line of service. Other family members and friends of mine are also on police forces or work on ambulance trucks or have served in ERs throughout the country. My nephew is a marine. We know and work with many police men and women of color. We have law enforcement and non law enforcement friends who are connected to some of these events. We know the schism that assassinations, murders, genocide, and massacres create first hand. We’re living it.  There’s no side to be on here. People have multiple identities. We need to embrace them all.

LGBTQA – It’s Time to Take Action

What I want to impart to you I pulled Tarot cards for from The Wild Unknown.  How can the LGBTQA community take action in the wake of such grief? (implied: we got ours, sure there’s more to do, but their are others in need now)

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I used a new spread I’m starting to like.  It’s called, Cages or Wings, and that’s the layout.  Two cards indicating what is binding you and what is setting you free. In this toss I got the 5 Wands and the Emperor. Interesting that the Emperor came up for other readers this week.


Both are fire cards so tensions are high. Everyone is up in arms. The problem is that they’re all disjointed and not working together. The LGBTQ community is not standing with their black brothers and sisters. There is no unity to resolve the experience that resulted in #blacklivesmatter. As a result, the Black community feels on their own.  Segregation is back in the public eye instead of discussed in hushed tones. The new civil rights era is NOW. The problem is that when we’re divided we all lose.


A leader is needed.  A clear and present focus that is created through formation and structure. #blacklivesmatter is a movement. It’s not a leader. Our generation and those surrounding have lost faith in the corrupt Jackson family. The Kings are a legacy and a dream. The Ali’s are a myth predicated on name.  Kendrick Lamar, Common, John Legend, Anthony Anderson, Wands Sykes are the artists who break through the noise. But the leader is absent. The active force that drives change, organizes the disenfranchised, and unties a movement is required or chaos will continue to reign.

In general this also makes me feel like an angry mob is coming for our current systems. (Um, yeah.  That’s exactly what’s happening) I hate using the term “mob,” but without the leader, it fits. It’s just the general frustration and anger fueling a group to action rather than what the Emperor is meant to help accomplish. Also, just based on the numerical values of these cards, we’re in the infancy of this movement (even though there’s great history). We’re just nearing the pinnacle of emotional overload.  That’s right – it’s not even worse yet.

I’d love to hear what you think about the reading.  Drop me a line below.

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