The Hierophant

I think the easy option here is to allude this card to the Catholic sex scandals. I also think it’s all very simple to connect this card to the gay relationship with the church in general.

I think that this card could also be even more important, if I’m looking at it in the context of Gay society, to associate it with that older sage man that we find in a gay social circle. It should reference that gentleman who is the person we go to for our collective gay history, gay voice, gay nomenclature. A reader might also see him as the gay politician.

He certainly hold the secrets, wisdom, and guidance that the younger generation should look for from a more wizened generation. In fact, this is the very person that Sam Smith should have reached out to before speaking out of turn. The Hierophant always reminds me of the mother, maiden,  crone trio or the Jewish tradition of the elder passing information to the father to the son.

We could even take this further into an esoteric place and say that some might consider the Gaybar to be gay church. In fact a group of friends of mine, every Sunday, would go out to a bar locally and we called it gay church. It was the place to be together and be surrounded by others like you. You heard stories, you heard about life, you learned lessons, you learned history. All with martini or beer in hand. Communion.

This card is the opportunity to receive information about the world around us before we put it into practice and learn how we fit in the world around us.  And what better place than gay church?

This card itself, from the deck The Wild Unknown, is new to me. What I like about it is the drama of it. There is a bright bolt of electricity coming down from the upper right-hand corner of the card. It’s about to strike a key which we know to be metal and will be electrified. And there is a raven with its mouth open on the key. Proportions seem to be off if the objects were actual reality. This key would be gigantic if it was in the ravens talons. Still, what’s exciting about this is a raven is expected to somehow know more than we do. (Thanks, Poe.) And with the electricity coming in in the middle of the storm and the Raven standing on top of the key it’s about to get the shock of it’s life, have a new experience, and fly off having learned from that experience.

I might even suggest that the Raven is carrying the key to me. We’ve all studied the keys and the hierophant card in the past and we know that they’re the keys to knowledge. And that they are a religious icon. But this Raven isn’t flying. He’s perched. In the middle of the storm he might even be trying to protect the key.

Also interesting about the Raven in this card to me, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, is the Indian legends from those tribes about Raven. Raven was able to create a lot of the world as we see it today, transform peoples lives, and he was a trickster, kind of like Coyote. except his tricks were in the aim of selfishness. So raven has a history of being a “religious” figure. It’s not surprising that he’s holding onto a key that contains a lot of knowledge.


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