Tarot at Work: Skills

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So many of us have trouble narrowing down our professional skill sets. We get the basic things here and there, like Office, answering the phone, and using a computer. But what are the skills we could improve? What are the skills we should let go? Which ones actually go on our resume?  I can make a killer cassoulet, but should that be on a resume for a tarot reader, much less that of a project manager?

Which Skills?

Let’s start by identifying some of your skills. I think Tarot is extremely useful in identifying skills we may not have even considered. Tarot can also provide insight into those skills we are aware of that we can improve an take to the next level.

I use three cards at this point to identify a few skills that you have that we can discuss. Then, I think it’s fun to pull three more that are your “hidden skill set.”

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The Wild Unknown

The Surface Skills Cards

  1. World – I’m great at seeing the big picture (Big picture guy)
  2. 10 Swords – I see the end game and can plot the way there (Good planner)
  3. 4 Wands – I can build a structure where little organization exists (great at new projects)

The Hidden Skills Cards

  1. Hanged Man – Accepting the truth of a situation and trusting the the experts (Leader, good communication)
  2. 9 Cups – I’m all in once I’m in (Dedicated, loyal)
  3. 5 Wands – I live in a place of constructive conflict (Lead discussion to positive outcomes)

Actually, this might be really interesting to break into Majors, Courts, and Minors. Your inherent skills, your personal interaction skills, and your immediate day-to-day skills. …I see another spread coming on!

How to Approach Improving Skills

After you’re aware of your skills, both surface and hidden, then you can get to improving them. To discuss improving your skills, a simple Cages or Wings or Action to Take/Avoid spread are in order. Depending on how you’d like to approach improving your skills, these spreads can get you moving in the right direction.

Cages or Wings will help you understand what could be holding you back from improving a skill set. It will also help you see how you get moving on enhancing that skill set today. This is experience is more about understanding the underlying reasons you have been held back so that you can be better prepared for action steps. You can see some shorthand examples of this type of reading on Periscope.

Action to Take/Avoid will give clear direction on what you need to act on so that you can start improving your skills. It will also provide guidance on what you should stop doing in order for that goal to be successful. This experience is more about action now!

So Now What?

Let’s be clear about the basic – if the job you’re applying for has a list of required skills, you either have them or you need to get them.  Easy-peasy. So why Tarot? A Tarot reading can help you identify skills you need, provide actionable advice on how to get them, and give you an understanding of how to be successful in mastering them.

The next part is what gets exciting.  How do we match up your strengths and your opportunities? As you can imagine, there’s a spread for that.  🙂



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