Motivation at Work is All About Your Approach

I’ve been the employee who has had a boss that started off with a bang. Motivation all over the place. Forever. I felt lifted, supported, challenged. I’ve also been the employee where my boss started that way and the enthusiasm waned. And, of course, I’ve also been the employee who had a boss who could give a rats ass. I get it. We have a great boss if we’re lucky and mediocre to shitty bosses when we’re not. So I learned to find my own motivation. The problem is, that’s not always easy. Today I have an inspiring boss(es).  Still, I’m also in a place that I need extra oomph. And that’s only going to come from inside me. That’s where the Tarot comes in. It’s an objective 3rd party that allows you to see a holistic view of your situation. Once you have that insight, then you can start to make decisions about how to move yourself.

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