Is Your Job Search Halted? Take These Steps

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Tarot can help you through your job search. Previously, I discussed how you can utilize Tarot to identify your skill set. Now that you have a base for what you can promote about yourself, let’s take a look at how Tarot can help you identify a role, provide insight on the organization/department/leader you might be working for, and weigh the benefits of working at a specific company.

Job Search: Identify Your Ideal Role

  1. Understand your skill set
  2. Google those skill sets and find ideal role

Is it really that easy? Yes. But what algorithms might show are are nothing compared to what a Tarot reader might see. Here’s an example: I’m really good at project management, leadership, and computers. You think I’d excel in an IT industry. I actually do really well in theatre (stage management, production management) and non-profits. A simple Google search wouldn’t find those niche markets and a Tarot reading just might uncover them.

Now you might argue that, of course I excel at those things, why wouldn’t a gay man excel in industries like  theatre and non-profit? Because it’s about me. Who I am and what I do best. I excel in those industries. There are a greater number of heterosexual people (and allies!!!) who do just as well as I do.

Finding your industry is just the beginning. Now you need to find the role! LinkedIn can help you find jobs that match your skills.  But a Tarot reader can help you find a role that you may have dreamed about or never occurred to you.

Enter Tarot.

I was doing a group Tarot reading for a young man trying to find his career path. I had narrowed into the health industry. The other reader pulled the Death card. She asked if the querent had considered being a mortician. He had, but wasn’t sure if it was the right path. We assured him that exploring it was the right path for him today.

Now that you’ve narrowed down an industry and role I’ve assumed you’ve also scoured LinkedIn or Indeed for job opportunities. It’s time to review some of the organizations you’d like to apply for.

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Job Search: Get Insight into the Organization


The organization you’re applying into has a personality and character just like a person. It translates into culture.  Do you want to work for an homophobic organization? Of course not! Who would? Do you want to work for an organization that wouldn’t attempt to understand the Transgender community or what it’s like to transition at work? No.  But can the HEI give you all that insight? No, it’s just a score based on a checkbox. The organization might check all the boxes but do they really embody the inclusiveness they present?

Enter Tarot.

Ask your Tarot reader questions like: how does the organization support transitioning staff, what steps is the organization taking to be inclusive of LGBTQ employees? These insights can empower you to make the best choice of employer.


Let’s say the organization’s website makes you feel like you’ve entered an all inclusive gay resort. You know you’re accepted and you’re excited to use the pool table in the staff lounge when you need a mental break. But what about the department you’re about to enter? Does it feel like a jock fraternity and you’re a musical theatre queen?  Is it an old boys club and you’re a lipstick lesbian who feels like you’ve stepped into Madmen? Or is it a housewives of [Enter city here] episode and you’re ready to slap someone like you saw on Dallas and it’s about time you found your tribe?

Enter Tarot.

Ask your Tarot reader questions like: what’s a typical day like in the department?, how can I help the department be more inclusive of people like me?, what is the outcome if I come out to my colleagues? These insights can give you an approach into your department that will ensure your success or allow you to start making other plans.


I think we all know that a leader can make or break a team. So what do you know about the hiring manager you met in your interview? Did you ask them what kind of leader they are? Did you get into how they like to manage their team? How do they handle mistakes and what’s the expected learning curve? And what do you say when they ask you about your weekend? Nothing? Minimal information? Or tell them that you and your gay husband had a gay lunch of tuna fish and gay Lays potato chips while gay watching Ga(y)me of Thrones? (‘Cause it feels like that sometimes, right?)

Enter Tarot.

Having a reading about a potential boss is just like having a reading about any other relationship.  Find out more about those here.

Job Search: Weigh the Benefits

Wait – we’re not done?  Nope.  There’s more.  Now that you’ve explored roles, and industries, and cultures, and department, and personalities, it’s time to weigh the benefits of more than one job offer. ‘Cause that’s gonna happen! (think positive now) You could make a list of all of the benefits and counter-benefits. That’s all well and good. And I think you should.  DO it.  I makes lists all the time.  But what if you want to know more?

Enter Tarot.

Ask questions like: what is the outcome of me choosing job A? I want to increase my management skills, how can job B help me be successful in that goal? My ultimate goal is to be partner at this company, what’s the outcome of accepting the role they offered and does it keep me on that path?

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You’re Hired

Woohoo!  Congratulations, you’ve taken your job search to the next level. You’ve not only managed to get through the traditional route of getting your new job but you also went above and beyond.  LGBT folks have a greater responsibility to ourselves and the organizations we choose to support. Not only are we savvy about where we spend our money but we should also be ruthless about where we choose to spend our time and talent. Tarot will help you find all the hidden parts of an organization’s depths that you wouldn’t otherwise find on a website or in an interview.

Want to take your job search to the next level? Get a Tarot reading!

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