Surviving Coming Out: Magician

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As the Fool embarks on their journey of coming out the first person they encounter is the Magician. Traditionally, they’re a street performer spectators understand will confound, amaze, and otherwise trick their audience. With a wealth of knowledge, secrets, and tools at their disposal, the Fool is a prime target for the eager Magician. Or quite possibly, the Fool is recognized as an opportunity for mentorship and the Magician isn’t as bad as the reputation that proceeds them. The encounter between the Fool and the magician is the fist session about surviving coming out.

So the Fool stumbles upon the Magician. The Magician reaches out to engage the Fool. The Magician is looking to make a connection with someone. Without interaction they are just a person doing tricks for their own edification.

The Fool learns about taking the first step. They experience action and interaction. Fight or flight is an instinct at this point and not a concept. Here the Fool either chooses to engage or disengage. Either is experience.  The Magician provides a valuable lesson.

haindl tarot magician, surviving coming out, tarot, lgbt, lgbtq, coming out tarot, free tarot reading, accurate tarot reading, coming out
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Surviving Coming Out

The lesson comes through tactile experience for the Fool. When the Fool comes out to the Magician, the Magician can react in any number of ways. They can react by trying to grasp the concept, have an immediate emotional response, rationalize the information, or in a physical way, i.e., hugging, hitting, kissing, etc. We can never predict how the Magician will react to stimulus because they have many tools to employ. Here the Fool must experience his first reaction to an unexpected unknown.

Surviving Coming Out & Health

If the Fool, after coming out, is struggling with mental health, the Magician could be a strong indication of alternative medicine being a possible avenue to ongoing support. In fact, such a person can recommend other resources or pivot to other treatment if required.

Surviving Coming Out & Relationships

The Magician acts out of need for their own gain. Even if approaching a relationship with the most positive of intent, they have an angle.  If they were to mentor the Fool after the Fool came out, it’s because the Magician knows they will learn how to be a better mentor through the experience.  And if the Fool benefits, then they look good.

The Fool can look to the Magician as the first experience that taught them to either trust or mistrust when coming out. Now that has happened, what does the Fool do with this information? They need to internalize the experience and decide how to feel about it. They must learn to experience the flood of emotion that comes from an initial  understanding of awe, love, hate, fear, happiness, sadness, etc. The High Priestess is just the person to exemplify understanding.

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