Surviving Coming Out: High Priestess

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The Fool, having experienced interacting with another person for the first time, now needs a moment of self reflection to understand the occurrence. For some, this reflection can come in the form of retreat to the safety of close friends. For others, it could very well mean spending time alone where they had previously been interacting on a frequent basis. It’s time for the Fool to meet the High Priestess.

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Haindl High Priestess

Surviving Coming Out

In the case of retreating to friends, the Fool comes out singularly, to the group, until they are all aware. It’s like a repeated confessional with the High Priestess and her clergy. That allows for safe space and a trusted support group. It also allows the Fool to try to repeat or dismiss styles of coming out based on their first encounter with the Magician.

If the Fool is retreating to self and disengaging from others they may need the alone time. Or their friends may need to reach out. For the sake of argument, let’s say the Fool needs the alone time. They can use this time for personal reflection to mentally navigate and prepare for the emotional lessons they expect to experience once the coming out process begins in person.

Surviving Coming Out & Health

Once the Fool has come out and retreated to a place of safety, their emotional state can go through a period of depression, fragility, strength, even empowerment. Each of these experiences (and likely so many more) will certainly effect emotional, mental, and physical health.  Of course, the hope is that the Fool will find this time surrounded by supportive family and friends that nurtures their sense of self and allows for the personal growth through love and empowerment.

Surviving Coming Out & Relationships

The High Priestess is a card that is inherently about pulling back and reflecting about all of the activity that just occurred with the Magician. So, relationships and this card don’t seem to go together on the surface. What will happen is that the Fool might find themselves retreating too far from their friends. After coming out, they may be imagining scenarios that are completely fabricated and potentially causing an emotional downward spiral. Alternatively, the Fool might find themselves needing to face the reactions to their coming out in person. Keeping to themselves for too long could harm their relationships or be isolating for them.

These periods of self reflection will occur over and again. The High Priestess is never far from the Fool. Continuing the journey, the Fool will encounter the Empress next.

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