Surviving Coming Out: The Hierophant

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The Fool hasn’t experienced conflict yet in such a short life, until now. Anyone who has been wrestling with trying to understand when to take action, when to keep to solitude, how to indulge in everything, and how to put boundaries in place is going to need a sounding board. The Fool needs someone who can provide wise counsel. The counsel the Fool needs is deeper than a coaching level. The relationship the Fool requires is more than mentoring. The Fool and The Hierophant come together and wisdom is passed from generation to generation.

Surviving Coming Out

The Fool has no need to come out to the sage Hierophant. Sexual identity is understood and accepted. More than likely the Fool has found the Hierophant in a bar or community center.  But probably a bar. For many in the LGBT community, bars have always been a place of sanctuary. In this place the Fool learns the history of the community. Years are passed down from generation to generation. The Fool is also immersed in LGBT culture. Now the Fool can start to discuss behaviors learned from the previous interactions from experienced elders.

Surviving Coming Out & Health

Having finally found their Tribe, the Fool has an immediate increase in mental and spiritual health. Seeing others who you recognize as being like you thriving is not only inspiring, but also provides role models that they can aspire to be like. A person with goals is a person who blossoms. The Fool has created their own community and support system.

Surviving Coming Out & Relationships

The most important part of the Fool meeting the Hierophant is the relationship between the generations. To have a personal commitment to our personal growth from those who came before us can never be understated. The oral tradition of cultural identity exists in the LGBTQ community. The Fool needs the Hierophant to share the stories of pre-Stonewall, post-Stonewall, Harvey Milk, Silence=Death, Larry Kramer, civil unions, marriage equality, and the next great revolution. From this experience the Fool learns what it means to be a part of a larger whole.

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