Surviving Coming Out: Emperor

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The Emperor Meets the Fool

When I see the Emperor card I can’t help but think of Pippin. I might just be clear, but I’ll share the roles I see and, of course, the song. During “War is a Science,” when Charlemagne is explaining how war works, Pippin keeps interrupting with freshman ideas and childish notions.  In this relationship, Charlemagne is our aging Emperor and Pippin is clearly the Fool. But what if The Fool meet the Emperor as a young ruler? After having the most lavish dance party, unlimited time, and anything he could possibly desire at the Empress’ whim, now the Fool is met with order, structure, and immediate action.

Surviving Coming Out 

The Emperor sees the Fool plainly. The Fool must be tamed, brought to heel, and made to recognize a person in a position that demands respect. For some who embody the Fool, this will be their first experience with authority and that can be extremely frightening. The Emperor is a bit unpredictable. As a leader they can be predictable in that unpredictability. The Fool, though, has never experienced this before. Coming out was not in the hands of the Fool, the Emperor was already wise. The Fool just doesn’t know how to react to someone who knows about them, seems to see through them, and tries to put them in a box.  It’s like the Fool has made two steps forward and two steps back.

Surviving Coming Out & Health

The Fool will probably find that being in the presence of a leader like the Emperor raises their own sense of self worth. Their emotional health will be so positive that others might recognize the Fool’s ego as expanding too much. Depending on the deck you might be exploring, the Emperor might also provide the Fool with a sense of experience and the ability to lead without personal action. The Emperor may also  encourage the Fool to make quick and agile decisions that can be based on fact and recovered from quickly, if need be, in the immediate future. Both experiences raise the Fool’s emotional health to new heights. In both cases, I do believe the Fool would find themselves physically healthy and aware of stature.

Surviving Coming Out & Relationships

Meeting the Emperor after the Empress allows the Fool to experiment with the relationship. Similarly, having met the High Priestess, the Fool can reflect on prior experiences. In fact, the relationship with the Magician might just be the key to how the Fool chooses to interact with the Emperor. The Emperor is no fool, but is easily swayed by ego. Should the Fool employ the trickster side of the Magician, the Emperor might be persuaded to satisfy the Fool’s whims that are an extension of the Empress’ over indulgence. Should the Fool engage the mentoring and spiritual side of the Magician, they may just find themselves on par with the Emperor. Either way, action is taken and the Emperor can appreciate the decisiveness.

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