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Once in a blue moon you’re offered something significant  – impromptu.  Someone will share Tarot readings. And I believe those are the times when you are most in need of guidance.

Last Sunday I pulled a card of the day. It was Judgement from the Rider deck. I knew it was time for rebirth, resurgence, and reflection. The LGBTQ massacre was a few hours earlier that morning at #OrlandoStrong club, Pulse. Little did I know it also warned of those who would lose their lives and loved ones. That is would intimate the LGBTQ community and others will rise against hateful discrimination and raise gun control as a political issue during this election cycle. I would have never guessed it to cause me to remember the advances of the LGBTQ community in my lifetime and highlight the long road ahead.

aeon, haindle, orlandostrong, pulse, lgbtq, tarot reading share, card of the day, tarot, tarot reading, free tarot reading, accurrate tarot reading, coming out tarotToday a colleague, friend, and fellow spiritual enthusiast pulled a card for herself to work through her feelings about the LGBT massacre at Pulse in the wee hours of the morning. She asked how to focus on love while immersed in fear and sadness. The card is from my favorite deck. The Haindl Tarot deck. She drew Aeon. The partner to Judgement in the Rider. I do not believe in coincidence. Some poeple choose to keep their personal readings to themselves. She chose to the option to share Tarot readings.

Her interpretation: this is a big painful transformation period. But there is hope.

This is the message I needed today.

I agree with what she saw and as I looked at this generous gift I saw the long road ahead. I saw the introspection it’s going to take not only the country but from ourselves. We will come out the other side of this tragedy with a new approach to discrimination and gun violence. It may be subtle and not radical. But there will be something. And the work won’t end because there’s still a lot to get through before we can even begin to tackle climbing this mountain of a project.

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