Sample Tarot Reading Mini-Sample

Today’s post is more about me and a reading I did for myself. Still, it’s a sample Tarot reading of sorts. Is there an LGBT component? It might just be me. ???

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I asked what the story was I needed to be aware of for today. Here’s some insight on how I approach readings.

Sample Tarot Reading Bits

  • Quintessence: 19/10/1 (Sun / Wheel / Magician)
  • Numerology: 1
  • Elements: earth / water / water

Sample Tarot Reading

Soul searching for the balance between your purpose, passion, interest, but place? You’re not there yet, but that horse is raising his head today rather than lowering it. I saw it move. He’s also got a slight smile. That’s not always the case. It probably helps that butterfly is flying around in front of him. (I’m the horse…)

In my effort to find the next step either professionally or as I consider to start a side business, it’s worthwhile to check in about what feels right and what feels wrong. To work with others and hear about their past experiences.

Ultimately though, there will come a time to put a stake in the ground. To try and succeed or try and fail. Why not try something today? Learn from experience and move forward.

Acceptance of who you are and the skills you inherently bring to the table is key. Are you hiding behind fear or are you going to be the butterfly?

So keep going! You’re on the right path and your efforts will lead to a change in your life’s journey. Clever action will get you there. Not sneaky shortcuts. Nurture your idea. Care for it, love it, tend to it. The seed is planted. Don’t let it whither. Keep going!

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So what to do? Continue with current plan. Don’t change. Don’t deviate. Don’t break. Keep moving forward.

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