Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Look for a Job

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Do you find that this time of year tends to make us all reflect on what’s really important? I do. I always find myself remembering those I’ve lost. Wishing they could be a part of the experiences I’m having. Some of them would be great resources to answer questions before you look for a job.

I am acutely aware that those who have passed are near. Sometimes it’s a fleeting thought. Sometimes it’s a voice or smell. Sometimes it’s a shadow in the corner of my eye. Sometimes I even think I see ferrets running across the floor when I know they’re all away and I’m sure it’s one (there have been many so it’s never the same one) that I know has passed and is free from their previously dying body. All of these moments make me smile. Sometimes I’m remorseful and feel grief, but I mostly smile.

I am also constantly reminded to review my year to reflect on my personal and professional goals. Mostly at work, ‘cause reviews are a thing if you want to get paid. But I’m trying to incorporate doing the same for I kinda wish I’d found this article on questions before you look for a job before I started. I think they’re a great focuser.

Asking these questions before you look for a job would make a great tarot reading

So in the spirit of reflecting on life importance as well as personal and professional goals I thought I would share an article I found about questions to ask as you’re finding a job. I think the questions in the article provide great reflection. They also allow us to not only create goals but create them based on reflection of the past year.

Asking these questions before you look for a job make a great tarot reading too! If you’re thinking about getting one or purchasing a gift card for someone else, these questions are a great guide to start from.

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