How the Queen of Pentacles Saved a Life

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A month ago I found a punctured robin’s egg outside of our garage. I cursorily looked for a nest. I never found one. I removed the egg and almost formed robin and apologized to this little speck of nature who’s chances were cut short.

Today I found a baby sparrow on the ground in the same place. Not a fledgling. It’s eyes aren’t open and it has no feathers. It craned its neck to me. Starving. 

I searched for a nest. And I searched again. Still not finding one I created one. I placed the little baby in the makeshift nest and perched it up on a drainpipe in the shade. All the articles online said the parents would hear the cries and care for the baby.

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Queen of Pentacles, Tarot Illuminati
I watched birds for two hours. I believe I identified the parent. I think it’s feeding another lost baby in our neighbor’s yard. But it’s not showing me a nest. 

I called a local bird rescue with no answer. If the parent will find the bird based on its’ cries, there may not be hope. This little bird can barely make a noise.

A couple of hours later, the rescue called back. They told me I could give the little guy wet dog food until I could get to a rescue tomorrow. Luckily, I have high protein wet ferret food.  The little guy swallowed slowly and then ravenously. Now he’s resting next to a sock with some heated water in it to keep him warm. If he makes it to the morning we’ll be taking him to the rescue.

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Mother of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown
This little guy is a fighter.

What does all of this have to do with the Queen of Pentacles? To me she’s Mother Nature. This little bird’s life was meant to continue. And the Queen is ensuring that it does.

Today I have embodied that Queen and all the power she brings to life.

haindl, mother of stones, queen of pentacles, mother of pentacles, blog hop
Mother of Stones, Haindl Tarot
One of my favorite things about the Haindl deck, the last image in this post, is that the deck is matriarchal. So even though there’s one more blog post to go, even though this hop puts the Queen as the penultimate card in the suit, with this deck, you’ve already been presented with an extraordinary woman who’s peer and partner is the father. She requires no leader because she is who others look to as provider, role model, caregiver, leader, and connector. 

She is mother. 

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please see Freya’s blog at for the next blog in the hop, focused on the King of Pentacles. Thank you for reading!

Quick update: we got baby sparrow to a rescue and a second chance at life. 

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