Preparing for the Workweek

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Tarot is a powerful tool that can help you manage identifying and preparing objectives, setting intentions, defining actions, and navigating relationships in order to achieve your short term goals.

Preparing Objectives for the Week

In order for success to be achieved you must know what you’re trying to accomplish. That requires setting a goal or a set of goals to reach. Tarot is the most objective party when it comes to setting goals. All you need is to do is be open to the message.

Using Tarot in this context is the most useful when preparing your personal goals (rather than how to achieve the strategic goals of your employer. Though that shouldn’t be counted out, it’s just not the focus here). A simple spread [example: I can pull 3 cards, and simply ask what your goals are for XXX amount of time] can help you define your personal objectives. And really, you can take the objectives question further and cards can be pulled to start defining actions that will help you achieve them. Personally, I love defining actions. It means you’re about to get some things DONE!

Preparing Intention for the Week

Once you’re goals are clear, and the actions are decided on, then it’s time to set your intention. There’s a couple ways to accomplish this with Tarot. Pull a card for the week or pull a card for the day. No matter which method you use, I recommend journaling about your response to the reading and your experiences during the week or day. Journaling will help you think through how you would like the card to advise you during the time period you landed on. It’s also a great document to review weekly to determine if your intention is supporting your actions and ultimately your objective. The weekly review process will allow you be agile and adjust your approach as needed. (Yes, you do hear my project manager coming out here!)

Navigating Relationships

As you become more focused, you’ll probably start to notice that your professional relationships begin changing. The Tarot is a handy tool to explore the nature of those relationships. As people fall out of your sphere of influence and others come in, you can use the Tarot to explore approaches and understand the underlying needs and motivations of the people around you.

So, how is all this helpful? It’s a system that gets you started, keeps you on track, and delivers results. Want to know more?  Drop me a line. Want to experience it for yourself? 

Yes! Help Me With My Goals

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