Confidence is a Barrier to the Pursuit of Passion.

Passionate confidence is having a belief in your self and your passion so strong that you can’t help but act. When you want to change people’s lives because you can see the path that will make them safer, healthier, and stronger you can’t help but move forward. Nike nailed it, you have to “Just Do It.”

You’ve heard all the phrases about following your passion:


Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Right.


Follow your passion. Simple. Pushy. Unclear.


I’m so passionate about …. (and they talk as if you aren’t) 

Passion appears to be this elusive thing that you need. But why is it so elusive? Lack of confidence.

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Shutting Down Confidence.

Do you find that you stop yourself from trying to live your soul based passion because you can think of someone else will do it better? Or that you feel like an imposter? I feel that almost every day. It’s so easy to shut down your belief in your own possibility that you never move forward. Once you’ve squashed possibility you never even make it to confidence, much less living life with passionate confidence.

Confidence Makes Me Visible.

You’re damn right it does! Confidence puts you front and center of all those people who have more confidence than you and all those people who have less. Here’s the good news: those with more will respect your confidence, those with less will respect your confidence.

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How Are They Different?

Those with more confidence will continue to praise and lift you. Those with less will try and bring you back down to their level. It’s up to you which message you choose to hear. Will you choose the message where you are destroyed or the passionate confidence message where you create your own destiny?

Follow Passionate Confidence.

I want you to be able to follow your passion with such energy and drive that others ask you how you do it and what your secret is. I want you to be so fulfilled by living your passion that your friends can’t help but be inspired. Get past the point of sabotaging your own success.

But I’ll Never Be Confident.


You were confident enough to get this far into this post. You were confident enough to realize that you are ready for a change in your life. You are full of confidence, it’s all in how you choose to direct it.

I support Your Confidence Journey.

See that link at the top of the page for #passionateconfidence? It will take you to a Facebook group that I started for you. That click is the beginning of your journey to start building confidence with my support.
I will use the Tarot to walk you through a 21 day challenge to increase your confidence. We’ll have daily action items for you to put into practice, check ins, and weekly live video updates/follow ups that keep you focused and on task.

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      1 Hour


        Live With Passionate Confidence.

        By the 21st day you will no longer be sabotaging your own success. I expect that you will be prepared through experience to follow your passion with such energy and drive that you will be evangelizing how you did it and what your secret is. I believe you will be so raring to go and have such a desire to be fulfilled by living your passion that your friends can’t help but be inspired. And that’s validation. Boom.

        Get Passionate Confidence.

        Click that #passionateconfidence link today to get started on your passionate confidence journey. It’s 21 days. In the grand scheme of things, you’re changing your life in just 21 days. That normally happens every couple of years. So why not do it faster? Take a leap of faith that things are going to work out. What do you have to gain? (Hint: your passionate confidence!)

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