Are you doing work that you’re passionate about, proud of, or is it important?

Important work must be done. If the marchers didn’t march to proclaim that science is real, or to protect women’s rights, or to change the perception of racism in America then change would never happen. If Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t work to change the status quo, Black Lives Matter wouldn’t exist. If Harvey Milk hadn’t advocated for gays and lesbians then we wouldn’t have marriage equality today. Important work must be done.

You should do work that you’re proud of at the end of the day. If you’re not proud of your work, there must be something keeping you from doing your best. There must be something in your way of loving what you do.

If you’re not doing what you’re passionate about, then you’re probably not doing important work that you’re proud to tell everyone about.

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Passion In The Beginning

I’d like you to take a second and acknowledge that finding your passion is a process and not your job. They can be so tightly interwoven that sometimes you may not notice that they’re different. Think about it for a second. Does your job serve your interests? Does your job allow you to achieve your aspirations? Does it employ and build upon your natural skill set?

If that was an awakening, realizing that you already know what your passion is just might knock you down.  All you have to do is ask the person who raised you. Go’head. Ask ‘em. Send them a text right now. Ask them what you’ve always been good at. You’ll probably nod your head and smile at the story or the admission.

Now think about those times that you were in the zone. Those moments when you were really dedicated to what you were accomplishing. Does it line up with the story you just heard about? There’s a common thread. Trust me. If you don’t see it right away, marinate on it a bit. We’re creatures of habit. We will always fall back on what it is that we do best.

As if that’s not enough, you’re probably giving that all away for free! Which isn’t a bad thing. It’s an indication of passion! It’s not entirely surprising that you do dole out your passion freely. People probably come to you all the time and ask for your help because you are just good at whatever it is that you do. It feels good though, right?

Help Me Focus & Pursue My Passion

The Lack of Confidence

It can be nerve wracking to try and follow your passion. That’s why I started helping you through five ways to identify your skills and realizing that your interests are a sign of passion. Even those interests you had when you were 10.

I also heard you when you said that the biggest barrier to pursuing your passion was confidence. So I started the #PassionateConfidence challenge. Several of you jumped on board and we’ve been working through increasing confidence in value, image, and authority. This was an intense 21 days of introspection, growth, and success.

Find out more about the challenge

What’s In Your Way

I want to talk about a few other things that might be holding you back: time, risk, and imposter syndrome.

tarot, tarot reading, passion, live your passion, what is my passion, what is my purpose, how do I find my passion, how do I find my purpose, gain confidence, how do I get more confident, in the zone

Your time is up to you. If all you have is 30 minutes a week to spare, you can do this. You can pursue your passion. But if you really nail down your interests, skills, and aspirations, you just might find that your excuse of time is really about focus. Because you’re already working on your passion! You’re just not doing it in a focused and dedicated way.

Risk creates all kinds of feels. Fear, excitement, and shared experience are a few. It’s a risk to want to change your life. What if it doesn’t work out? What if your family doesn’t go along with you? What if everyone makes fun of you? Somewhere along the line one of these is going to happen. But what’s the result in the end? You. Keep. Going. If it’s too hard to go it alone, check out the #passionateconfidence challenge.

Now, there’s already a lot of research on imposter syndrome. But here’s what I heard from you. Nothing! I heard nothing about you thinking that you’re not the expert on your passion. So you’ve already got one thing going for you. You are the expert!

Even Life Is An Obstacle

I know that life can get in the way of pursuing your passion. I talked about this when I discussed being in the zone. If you can set aside 30 minutes a week to focus on your passion you can overcome your blocks to living your passion, finding more energy, and living a fulfilling life.

I’m Ready for a Fulfilling Life!

Create Transformation

By joining me on this journey you’re about to create considerable transformation in your life. You’re changing how you view, implement, and live your passion. That’s pretty big stuff. I think it’s priceless.

So I struggled with what the best investment would be. Then I realized this is ground floor. You’re not only changing your life, you’re helping me to create a life changing journey for so many others! Here’s how the cost breaks down:


Apr 24-May 07


  • Workbook
  • FB group
  • Weekly FB Live QA
  • Weekly meditation
  • Email access


May 8-May 12


  • Workbook
  • FB group
  • Weekly FB Live QA
  • Weekly meditation

Extra Support



(Limited Time) Included:
  • Workbook
  • FB group
  • Weekly FB Live QA
  • Weekly meditation
  • Email access
  • 45m Tarot sessions x2

I know time is already hard to come by. So I’ve made the time commitment super simple. I’m only going to ask for 90 minutes of your time each week. 30 minutes of that is on your own going through the exercises for the week. The other other 60 minutes is spent with me and everyone else on their passion journey learning from each other during a Facebook Live session.

I’m Ready to Get Started

Confidence Again

The biggest challenge you’re probably going to run into is confidence. If you’re not ready to dive deep and really work towards the pursuit of your passion, then you’ll want to sign up for the #passionateconfidence challenge.

Find out more about the challenge

Your active participation is going to be required in order for the benefits to come your way. If you want to really uncover your passion, have more energy throughout the day, and have that incredible feeling of fulfillment, it’s going to take dedication and commitment. Jump in with both feet. Do the work. Show up to the live events. Participate. Super simple.

I’m Ready

Tarot Implements Change to Pursue Your Passion

How often does a Tarot reader change your life? How often do you? Now’s he time to find out. Tarot is a powerful transformative tool that I love to use to help you implement change. And if you’re ready to pursue your passion, transformation is the name of the game.

Along the journey you will find opportunity to embrace and engage the Tarot to confirm, acknowledge, identify, and explore your interests, skills, and aspirations.

Take Charge

So let’s implement the change necessary to transform your life so that you can discover and pursue your passion. Once you do that, you’re going to notice that you not only have the time and energy to engage in your passion, but you’ll also notice that your sense of personal fulfillment is greater than ever before.

Create Change

Are you ready to live a life of achievement and success where you get more done and can’t wait to do more?

Then join me to discover your passion so you can start implementing change today!

YES! I’m Ready