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I’m off to a working presentation of how to have mindfulness in the workplace. Because that’s all I know about what I’m about to experience, I decided to ask a question: what do I need to be mindful about in the workplace as a member of the LGBQ community?

I drew the Star.

Star follows the Tower and precedes the Moon. It’s a beautiful place of introspection, return to self, awareness of self, presentation of self, sharing of self.

I feel like I’ve had a mini Tower moment this week. I stopped the interview process for a promotion at work because it wasn’t the right job. I learned more about me and what I’m looking for from my next role by interviewing for what I thought was my next role. It was a big departure from what I think of as normal to stop an interview that the interviewees thought I could accomplish. I effectively tore down my own preconceived notions about the process. And the Star has emerged.

I’ve also had a pretty “gay” few weeks. United Pride, an LGBTQ affinity group has been rocking outreach, volunteerism, and fundraising. That’s taken effort, time, dedication, and support from a fantastic co-lead. We’re both wiped. But we’re changing lives because of who we are and that’s important. It’s an opportunity for us to bring our whole identity to work and change lives at the same time. Who else gets that chance?

In addition, one of my staff is about to have her Tower moment, if not in it, soon. So meditating on Star is particularly important right now. How can I use my experience to support hers? How can I be more open to awareness and guidance along the right path?

I think about looking toward the Moon. Stay tuned n touch with your instincts and inspiration. Move toward what your gut says, what inspires you, what drives you to get up in the morning. That’s purpose. That’s self. Self-purpose.

Get it.

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