Mediumship Exploration 09.18.16

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Since last weekend I’ve had a nasty cold. Which means I’ve also been medicated. Which means that not only have I felt like crap, I’ve also been very foggy. So I haven’t been able to practice my mediumship like I wanted to for a while.

I attempted to practice my channeling meditation on Friday afternoon when I was feeling a bit better. But I was still medicated. I learned a valuable lesson. Being medicated does not help channel.  It makes it really hard. Being sick doesn’t help either, ’cause you’re already at a state of depleted energy. And you’re trying to vibrate at a higher energy. So yeah, no, that doesn’t work well.

I get to go on vacation for this week. Depending on how I feel, I hope that I get a change to get back into this practice. I need to explore this work and it’s driving me crazy that I have to wait!

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