Mediumship Exploration Week of 09.04.16

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This week was a bit of an apex, but also certainly far from the zenith of experience. I met Brian Parker – Finally. It feels like it was a long time coming. We’re the same age, and have had such wildly different spiritual paths. Brian has been a practicing medium for 20+ years. I’ve been a project manager for about the same. We found each other as I begin this journey of mediumship exploration, as so many do, on Facebook.

Brian’s kind words, practical advice, understanding, encouragement, and frankly, acknowledgment of what I am experiencing is refreshing. And honestly, calming. I had hyped myself up about what was happening. I don’t know anyone who hears voices, sees dead people, and maybe communicates with them. At least, I think I don’t. Didn’t. After talking to him, I have many resources and avenues to explore.  Big thank you to him.  If you’re in Texas, look him up.  If you’re not, certainly check out his website and find out more about his gift and services.

While on the phone with Brian he happened to mention two types of examples in order to get some points across. One was spirit guides as a tech crew and the other was painting with oils.  Brian has not been a theatre geek like me. Nor has he been a stage or production manager that worked with tech crews, lead them, hired/fired them, and became friends with them. So the synchronicity of that example was on point and took me a bit off guard. The oil painting though?  That was my grandmother’s thing. She was very into it. She even let us (grandkids) paint with her oils sometimes. I have one of those paintings that I did in my house today.  Now, before you get excited, her presence was around even before I brought that painting home. But she was in force when we were on the phone call. There’s no other reason for the oil painting to come up. I keep filing these moments away in my head.  Clearly, technology is useless when this happens.

Then we got all geeky about Tarot, the decks we resonate with (Haindl!) and books we both enjoy and recommend for the other to read.

This week, the Hanged Man came up twice in my daily draws. Awareness of acceptance and accepting the state of being were powerful messages. I didn’t realize until now that it was a strong message to “go with the flow” and let this experience happen. To keep seeking guidance and knowledge, but to also let be what will be. I can’t change who I am or how I evolve. I can only work with the tech crew I’m given. I can start to paint the colors of my life.

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