Mediumship Exploration Week of 08.28.16

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This week’s mediumship exploration is a short post. This weekend I performed a reading for a good friend. During the course of the reading someone who had passed really needed to get a message through to my friend. A pattern I’ve been noticing is that the deceased has provided some sort of validation for the living before I get the message to share.  This case was no different. Ice skating, ice, lake, skiing – these were all important. What was odd is that I couldn’t “hear” this person. Normally I can hear the voice of the person in my head and I wasn’t hearing anything with her.  Later I discovered she was a bit of a trickster and a jokester. I chock this experience (and a few others – holding back laughter, stifling a smile, etc) up to that personality trait.

When my friend had follow up questions, she asked if her message was greater than the one I passed on. Interestingly, it was not. I even tried to have a quick connection to ascertain of there was more and the person who had passed made it quickly clear that there was not. So I told my friend the response and we dropped the subject.  Of late, as I experience this work, it seems that the person who is deceased has always wanted to share a lot of information. She was brief and to the point. It seemed very much personality.

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