Mediumship Exploration Week of 08.21.16

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This week, as I continue to explore controlling and managing mediumship exploration through Tarot, I decided to explore the immediacy of the Lenormand deck.  I performed the same preparation as in the previous post. I also asked the same questions: tell me about yourself so I know more about who you were in life and then tell me what you need to share.  Hopefully these were helpful for those I read for. I also hope that their stories are encouraging.



Delivery, delivered mail. Remote area.

What do you need to share?

The crappy bosses wife was someone who cut him down. (his voice is muffled) He’s frustrated with her. She [acted as if she] was “better than [him].” She wouldn’t be seen with him. He loved her. He wanted to marry her.  Wanted to elope. They ran out of time.

Why tell me?

It was a secret. He’s confessing.

I got confused during this reading (I think because of non-familiarity with Lenormand) and pulled out the Haindl for a bit more clarity.



Manager of a warehouse

What do you need to share?

He was lucky. Made good choices and had faithful/loyal friends. Sharing because he sees that I have the same.



Was in the British navy as career

What do you need to share?

I think he’s gay – he confirms. He died early and was lucky. He was in love. There’s a journal he can’t find. He’s worried people will discover he had a lover. The lover was an navel officer.

I told him the journal is moving. It’s with family, in a box. It moves with them.

How does he find his family? FEEL them. You’ll find them.

—Alfonse kept messing with me.  Wanted to tell me his name was Albert, then something else that started with Al. Then Alphonse. Then finally Alfonse. He never had a British accent.  I think the British part was also a joke.  I believe the navy story. 

In general this experience was smoother than last. Less drama.  More focused.

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