Mediumship Exploration 10.06.16

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Today I tried Connecting with Ophelia. (Now that I know about her) Can’t hear her. Last time I could “hear” her speaking in my head.  Today I needed to draw cards to connect. I drew cards from the Mary-El Tarot.

mary-el tarot, tarot, knight of cups, tarot reading, mediumship, medium
Mary-El Tarot, Knight of Cups

She drew my attention to the heart, 3rd eye, feet in wings, and astrological signs. This card is also about being in awe of something you can barley understand. (Um, mediumship)

The feet are acknowledging Jeff’s baby. Astro signs she focused on were Taurus and Scorpio. I think she’s a Scorpio.  🙂

I asked if there was anything else she wanted me to know.




mary-el tarot, tarot, 7 Wands, tarot reading, mediumship, medium
Mary-El Tarot, 7 Wands

I’ve been fascinated by this card since before I bought the deck.

Eyes are prevalent.

This wolf is waiting. Waiting for me. She’s waiting. Watching. Protecting. (Now she’s smiling, mouth and eyes, and eyes less important ) like going from intense wolf to golden lab. I got the message.

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