Mediumship Exploration 10.04.16 (Transformation)

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Tried connecting to higher guides on my own without Opening to Channel guide this week. Transformation is happening.  Read on to find out what I mean.  This writing is a bit of a stream of consciousness after my practice.

I had chakra music in my ears to drown out the noise of the house. Ferrets, TV, and a husband can somehow make a lot of noise!

I went through a detailed process that included relaxed muscles. Imagining energy around me. Flowing from me. Light.

I imagined getting in energy elevator (One of my creation. I created doors and as they opened blinding light shone from them like when doing doors for readings with Doug) and asked for highest floor.

Went up. Got to a forest at dawn. Heard voice to look up. Heard voice to go up. Higher? Yes.

Went past tree line. Past birds. Looked up, reached up, and shot up like Superman.

Made it to white space where I kept feeling like I was looking through windows that kept escaping me. Flashes of light. Started seeing images of frogs and memories of frogs in recent past (had seen one in MI on our deck) and a frog ornement my great grandmother had that I now possess. Are you my Great Grandmother? No. what’s your name? Ophelia. Really? I saw a pic that reminded me of her today. That was me. But it was a guy. … and you feel feminine. Sound feminine in my head. … (clearly I have some things to accept about feminine/masculine.)  I also feel like Ophelia is a name that I could pronounce and is acceptable rather than a true name.  Not sure where else that is going, just that it is.

Frogs are still important but she wouldn’t tell me why.

Also saw images of dragonflies.

This all took about 30 minutes to complete. Once I had thanked Ophelia for her time I did a bit of research.

Looking up symbolism online indicates frogs stand for transformation (tadpole to frog) and water elements. Rebirth & fertility. Cleansing properties of water.

Dragonflies also symbolism transformation. The last time I meditated and connected to spirit guides there was a host of dragon flies in our back yard. Had never happened before.

Seeing a pattern here. This work is transforming me.

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