Mediumship Exploration Week of 14 Aug 2016

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This is the beginning of a series exploring mediumship. As I discover this gift and practice it through Tarot, I will log my experiences on If you’re interested in exploring this with me through a reading, let me know!

Mediumship Meditation

Last Sunday I meditated (as per usual) to be ready to do a tarot reading. What was different was that this time I invited good spirits who need to be heard to visit me. I also asked that they keep my body and mind as sacred space that they are not allowed to enter. We were merely meant to have a conversation. I asked each who came through to share with me who they had been in their time on earth and what they needed to share.

I believe there was an attempt to invade my body and I stopped it. The presence near me did not feel good. It did not feel light. It felt heavy and intrusive and like I was being forced into something I didn’t want to do. Luckily I’ve got the famous Taurus stubbornness and wasn’t about to be budged. As soon as I told this entity it was not welcome and that only good spirits were allowed here, it tried harder to be invasive. Had I met my match? Instinctively I reimagined (saw?) my protective space and felt a force of energy push this thing away.  I mean, I made the force, and I felt it.  Like a shove away.

Then there was an rush of energy and a lot of lights around me. Swirling lights. Moving SUPER fast.

tarot, ascension, tarot reading, tarot live, lgbt, mediumship, medium

Call in Doug

I believe those lights were spirits. Good ones this time! It was at this point I decided I’m going to ask for Doug’s help. I think I’ve mentioned Doug before. Doug is my spirit guide. I was scolded by him  for not asking for help first. Thank you Doug for your help. (I should make it lest that there were jokes and sarcasm here…) Snark is not a weak point for Doug.  That means we get along pretty well. Doug helped me queue the line of waiting spirits and keep pushing back that other thing until it had moved on. Who knew he was a spirit bouncer?!

Now I felt in control of my space. Still it was overwhelming because I hadn’t been in a space with this much energy before.  I’d been in spaces with spirits before, just not this many with such a driving force to want me to pay attention to them.  Usually there has been a singular entity.

I asked Doug to let someone step forward. I had no idea how I was going to receive the message from the spirit, just that I would use the Tarot cards to interpret the message as I had done in the recent past.  What I discovered  is that I think I am clairaudient. The Tarot card was the catalyst for interpreting the message or prompting the questions and then I would hear answers in my head.  Very rapidly after asking the question. It was like the prompt was needed for the energy of the response. I had to speak first.

Results of Mediumship & Tarot

Here’s the account of who I spoke with and what the message was they needed to get across. I hope that in posting these (and those I post in the future) that their message is heard and possibly seen by the right person.


About Gary (Son of Wands)

Gary, an artist, died young, head was hit and paralyzed .

What Do You Need to Share? (Empress)

Gary can’t find his wife. He loves her very much. He calls her and she can’t hear him. The moon on MOC card stood out and I suggested he visit her in her dreams. Krishna moved, his face stood out: she sees him as young in her dreams. She doesn’t recognize him. I asked him to show her a sign in her dreams and he made Krishna’s hips move. YES! Show her you dancing, before the accident.


About Sam (Forgot to write down card)

Sam was a pastor and had counseling responsibilities. Totally fulfilled in his work.

What Do You Need to Share? (Forgot to write down card)

We’re all divine, children of the stars, and there is a spirit. To create is divine. Something is being born.

Side Note

It was at this point I told everyone (present spirits) that there would only be one more reading and then I had to stop. 


About Charlie (Forgot to write down card)

Businessman, failed businesses but always restarted, back on his feet constantly. There was a fire that destroyed one business. The industry involved lumber.

What Do You Need to Share? (Hierophant)

Jewish, he’s looking for his family. Someone is getting married. And he wants to be there. His grandson. The wedding is on the August 25th, 2017. I told him not to worry. That when the wedding is happening, there’s going to be so much love it will be like a beacon for him. He’ll know where to go.

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Wrapping Up the Reading and Mediumship

I thanked everyone for sharing. I asked Doug to close the door. I felt the energy had changed in the room. It’s like my blinders came off, my peripheral vision was back (didn’t realize it was gone) and the room was lighter.

Then it was time to get to my Tarot reading for the living.

–BTW– here’s a live moment to check out. 

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