Taking Charge of My LGBT Relationship Today

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I’m the first to admit that I’m not a touchy feely person. It takes a bit for me to warm up to people. It takes a while for me to let hugs happen. We’re talking major inner-circle here. The experience is not far from my relationship with my husband as well. I tend to be a loner and that’s not his style. Now while I think all relationships tend to be the same in human requirements, this reading has an LGBT relationship focus, just so you know. I’m sure you’ll recognize that probably doesn’t even matter.

I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on what I can bring to the relationship today so that I can ensure I’m the best partner I can be. I created a spread on the fly.  Much like you could experience! (check it out)

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Tarot Illuminati
  1. Current Situation: Fool
  2. Action: 6 Wands
  3. Outcome: Wheel of Fortune

I’m really excited about this reading because it’s clear advice. It provides action I can take. And I see an outcome I can work with.

Current Situation

The current situation filled by the Fool card indicates to me that it’s time to take action. (good thing I asked !) To take this even further, I’m acutely aware of the white rose in this card today. That reaffirms for me that I aspire to be the best husband that I can be, which is one of the concerns I had and mentioned above. I do want to be the best partner I can be, I know that I fall short sometimes. As we all do. Now there’s a lot of ways I could think of to take chances (Married people always seem to think, in my experience, or what media would have be believe, is that needs to happen in the bedroom). So why not take a chance and put myself out there with the card indicating action?

Action to Take

The 6 Wands has never spoken to me like this before, so I found it very interesting. Are you ready? I see it as taking the trip we’ve always wanted to take (I know what that means, but I’m not sharing here for fear of a surprise being ruined). I had been waiting for to surprise the Mr. for his 50th birthday, which is two years away, but why wait? Especially when the Fool indicates that the time is now.  I’m sure that’s not only for me to get my ass moving, but that it also indicates that if I don’t do it, things could get tough. To wit, they already have been a bit rough for us both and this experience would do a world of good.

The Outcome (of action)

The outcome as the Wheel of Fortune can be a scary card.  For me it’s about putting a new phase of our relationship in motion. And how can that not be positive? We’re in a good place now. We travel well together. And we could use a break from “stuff.”

Sharing these readings with you is a new thing for me. I think you might find yourself in them. Please let me know if it’s helpful to see these in the comments below or shoot me an email.

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