Hanged Man  

Trying a new study – similar to learning cards, I’m going to try and pull a daily card and address through this blog’s filter.

Haindl’s Hanged Man is, first and foremost, naked. He’s hanging from a tree under a rainbow and above voluptuous hills that appear to be a pregnant landscape on second glance. His hair is long and rooting in the belly of the hills. Above the rainbow are two birds. The are reminiscent of Thought & Memory, as is our Hanged Man also reminiscent of Odin.

He’s young, but not a youth, he’s middle aged, but still virile. He is powerful and by the lift of his arms in charge of his fate. He accepts and thrives in his connection to the earth, his reason, and his transparency. He seems very much the Fool after he falls off the cliff and has been saved by catching his leg in a rope. Or the Hermit who has taken on a new form of meditation.

Interestingly, he’s open to a visit, he bends to touch, and he’s available to truly experience events for the truth of them and how they will inform his life. He’s the man who accepts there is more pleasure in not denying the touch of another man.

His sexuality is a part of his truth. It’s more fluid than others but nevertheless he is intimately aware of his limits (and they may go further than you think).

I think earth signs are drawn to the Hanged Man. He seems “grounded” and stable (for the fixed signs) and yet there’s more to him than that. His extroversion with the ability to understand introversion is a prize.

And let’s be honest – this version of the Hanged Man is sexy. He’s the hunk in the park who everyone is staring at and giggling over like a school girl. He seems distant but you should probably talk to him. I’ll bet his voice is even sexy. ?

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2 thoughts on “Hanged Man  

  1. Walter Reply

    Sexy indeed. I never thought of the Hanged Man in this way, so thanks for the new vision. I wonder what you’d have to say about the Major men in the Alchemical Tarot. I’m having a love affair with the Magician and the Emperor. Also, do you have a Cosmic Tribe Tarot deck? It’ll give you plenty to write about. 😉

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