Finding Your Passion is a Process Not a Job

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Have You Found Your Passion?

I feel like I’m constantly hearing people say, “Find your passion.” Which inevitably ends with something related to never having to work a day in my life. It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t you like to never have to work another day in your life and have everything you ever need cared for by a force you put in place?

Actually, I think that sounds a bit boring. I need to struggle. I need to achieve. I need the sense of accomplishment. I want to see the fruits of my labor and know that I worked for the success I earned. That’s exactly why I think finding your passion is a process and not a job you find or create.

I am passionate about bringing clarity to gray space and advancing the human condition.

Getting to do the things we love (or are passionate about) doesn’t always pay the bills. Especially when those things are hobbies or side hustles that bring in a bit of spending money. Tarot is a great example.

I love to learn about, read about, explore, discover more about Tarot when ever I can. I love to do readings for people and know that I’ve helped them to take a step toward achieving their goals. I am passionate about bringing clarity to gray space. Clarifying the unknown and providing understanding is exciting to me because it solves a problem. It creates a better product or result than when the issue was found.

Passion Is Not A Job

So here’s the thing, solving problems isn’t a job. How many times have you seen a job posting for ‘Professional Problem Solver?’ Project management is. Being a Tarot reader is. Coaching is. Leading and managing are also jobs that fit in this space.

It took me 30 years to learn what my passion is and that it’s not ever going to pay me. I mean, how do you put a price tag on bringing clarity to the unknown in gray space with an outcome that has a cost? I don’t think you can; until you define a role like a project manager or Tarot reader to assign a value. That is how I learned that there are many roles I can assume where my passion serves the client.

Love Feeds Passion

Passion must constantly be fed to be alive. Passion grows, shifts, and changes as we do. If we don’t take the time to explore and nurture our passion then passion becomes indistinguishable from labor. To feel something is laborious doesn’t spark inspiration.

In the end, being a Tarot reader means running a business. It means having a plan with objectives and outcomes. It means being conscious of financial obligations, statements, and responsibility.

I am passionate about providing action steps to a clear goal and keeping others on track to achievement.

So Tarot as a business requires a component of labor. Tarot as a tool supports what I’m passionate about. I am passionate about providing action steps to a clear goal and keeping others on track to achievement.

Still, the love for Tarot as an avenue to understand and explain to others how to be successful outweighs the work. The love for tarot (and the expanse of knowledge it can provide through life-long learning), and achievement through work is supportive of my passion.

Passion Is Awareness

So I certainly believe that passion is not found like a lucky penny. I believe that passion is not a job. I believe that we become aware of our passion through the eyes of those who surround us.

I’ve heard, “I wish you could project manage my life” so many times, I finally realized it was what I loved to do. Because I was always doing it. I’m great at leveraging other’s skills and expertise to achieve goals in a timely manner!

I believe that we become aware of our passion through the eyes of those who surround us.

Ultimately, we go through a discovery process to shine a light on how to employ our passion so that we may benefit personally and financially.

Questions to Ask Yourself

About Dedication & Praise

So what is it that you do that permeates your life? What do others praise you for?

About Your Professional Life

What do you go to work for? What does your paycheck support? Does it support your camaraderie and leadership through your volleyball team? Does it support your opportunity to travel with your family and experience new locals, cuisine, and cultures?

I’d love to hear how you discovered your passion and how it is a part of your life. Drop me a line on Twitter or Facebook @comingouttarot and let me know.

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