I drew this card to consider the energy I needed to be aware of today so I’ll discuss that first. Then I’ll go into the gay study. 🙂

So I draw this card in relationship to myself occasionally. (Normally I draw the Son of Swords) It’s not unusual for me to see this card when I need to be aware of being a young and impetuous leader who asks too much from his team. I tend to also need to be aware of being overbearing. On a more positive note, I also see it when I’m on the right track as a leader, trying a leadership or management style that’s new, and apt to succeed greatly or fall hard. Both being  learning experiences of note. The emperor also tends to appear when I feel (or need to feel) confident, empowered, and comfortable with being seen (not something I generally am). He is action and stability, confidence and ego, leader and student. That’s a lot for one day!!!

Now, to the study for the nature of this blog. The Emperor is that sexy guy you see across the room who appears to have it all together. He is the clear alpha of his group. He’s the guy everyone wants to buy a drink for but fears rejection. Here’s the thing though, he admires confidence in others, even if he’s not always sure how to deal with it. Even if it means knocking him off his perch. But he’s sensitive. He’s not quite learned to internalize what everyone else sees so he hasn’t come into his full power. He needs more of Strength to move forward. It may take a Wheel or a Tower moment with some Star reflection of self realization before he gets there. And when he does, all that sexy just gets better.

I should add something about the imagery. I mean, c’mon. The man is naked in the woods. How is this not attributable to the history or the fantasy of men experiencing sex outside (anonymously or no)?! And he’s clearly attractive and sexy. And that tree? It’s like a trunk of sensuality behind him. This card screams sex, sexuality, dominance, roles (passive/aggressive/top/bottom), scene, fetish, bisexuality, and Kinsey scale.

Some days his scepter and orb appear as toys to use or to throw down before the act begins. 🙂

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  1. ChrisB Reply

    I’m so glad you’re doing this blog! Is this the Haindl deck? I had never really looked at it before, but I’m completely losing myself in that card.

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