Drastic Change – 2016 Goal Follow Up Reading

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After my previous post about drastic change in my life indicated by the death card, I had a few follow up questions that needed to be addressed.  As promised, here are the cards pulled for those questions.

  • What is a part of my life today that I need to release?
    • Moon: I think the Tarot might be playing with me today. When I pulled this card the lobster like creature at the bottom of the card looked as if it was crawling upward. I think it’s time to release the practical and let the magic take over.  (Um, maybe I need to get off this website for a while) This could also be trusting my intuition and to release holding onto the practical.
  • What behavior is a part of my life today that I need to consider a completely different approach?
    • Aeon: Time to stop re-inventing the self and focus on what exists today. Develop and hone skills and talents that are a part of my life today rather than introduce anything new. I do like to add new things to my life because they’re exciting and new. I do like to chase the new. So I might consider chasing the new within current skills and talent. Then I get both.
  • What passivity exists in my life today that I can turn into action?
    • Lovers: OK, I hear you. Time to give the husband some more attention. And make it a habit.
  • What people in my life need to be released or included?
    • 9 Wands: Those who blow smoke up my ass can be released! Those who are truly supportive should be included.

Interesting that the first two questions put me in a place of spiritual growth. Then the third puts me in a place of remedial work I haven’t mastered that will take a lot of effort for me. All long term personal work. The fourth is a bit more cut throat. If I start with number four, I’ll have more space for the first three…

What do you think?

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