Daily Card (8)

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Haindl, Father of Wands

What an amazing day! Today is an 8 day. (2+6=8). 8 is also my birthday. The letters of my name add up to 8. It’s a powerful day. In tarot, 8 also indicates movement for me. So a day of empowered movement is a pretty inspiring statement.

So if I’m about empowered movement today, what energy is driving that? The Father of Wands & Justice.

I’ve talked about my thoughts about the Father of Wands before. Today, as an energy force, he’s the idea and planning expert. He guides others to achieve their goals. He has the experience to sustain and maintain. He also needs the fuel to be successful or to encourage success. That comes in the form of people. He needs to interact and connect with others to be inspired to be his best and provide his best advice or guidance. He hasn’t learned to nurture yet, maybe he could work on that. ?

Justice came as a card for the day when I do a weekly draw on Mondays. Justice can inspire many different directions but today she is focused on fairness, equity, balance, seeing both sides of the story. She can be a foil to the Father of Wands who is so sure of his experience and answer. He assumes correctness. She insures it.

Both cards indicate fire and air elements, respectively. When passion and ideas  enter thought and decision, shit’s about to get done, people.

So the day – ideas that inspire empowered passion are considered and decisioned in a fair and balanced way today.

Get it.

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