Coming Out as a Tarot Reader

rider waite sun tarot, coming out tarot, free tarot reading

rider waite sun tarot, coming out tarot, free tarot reading


I’m Coming Out

I am coming out as a Tarot reader. There are a few people in my life who know this tidbit.  There are many people in my life who have not been privy to this facet of who I am. I thought you should know. If I am to bring my whole self to work, the project management self, the husband self, the out gay man self, why not also bring my spiritual self and be a resource for others?

I was first introduced to Tarot when I received a deck from my cousin.  The Tarot deck given as a present while we were visiting in California (down from Oregon).  I pulled out the cards and the little white booklet that came with the deck. To my 10 year old self none of this made any sense. But I kept the present.

When I went to college (isn’t this the way all coming out stories start?) I had my first Tarot reading and I was hooked. During the reading I realized she knew things about me I had never told anyone. Or that I had admitted to myself.

I wanted this same insight over my ever-shifting sense of self! Well, I immediately dug out that Tarot deck at home and started studying and practicing. Not surprisingly, as I and others learned more about ourselves, I started to discover and relate patterns in Tarot, my life in Tarot, my experiences in Tarot.

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How I use Tarot Today

I use Tarot today to support other LGBTQ folks and allies of the LGBT community to answer the same life questions about coming out, career, relationships, personal wellness, etc that I found I was asking myself. I was looking for answers that I couldn’t find from other people. If I take this job, what’s the potential outcome? How can I best manage my team?  What steps do I need to take in order to have a salary I feel comfortable living on? If I go on this date, will I find the husband I’ve always wanted? Wait, what will he be like?  Even better, what traits should he have so that we partner and compliment each other in the best way? Other people tell me to not even look for a husband, should I stop and volunteer or keep going to art galleries? There were and are so many questions to answer. 

Your Coming Out Tarot Journey

Many of us are on a journey that includes friends, mentors, bosses, peers, family, etc. I find that Tarot is a great neutral third party that a reader like me interprets to provide insight into choices so that we can examine experience, truth, and patterns.  Since this might be your first time considering a Tarot reading, sign up for my newsletter and get more information about how I work and what I’m working on.  If you’re already on board, go ahead, click that button below.

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