Career Defining Tarot Readings Are Not A Myth

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Career: Why Think About it Now?

Halloween has left us behind and we’re on a holiday trajectory that retail has defined for us. We all get swept up into it somehow. No matter our religious beliefs, no matter our participation, you can’t escape the urge to go buy something. It least I can’t. Deals are every where. Jingles are stuck in my head. I feel like I need to show someone I love them from a distance by buying them things they don’t need and didn’t realize they wanted. So what’s beyond all of that? Our new year resolutions. I want to talk about one resolution possibility that isn’t weight loss or quitting smoking. Career. Let’s get your career moving!

Preparing for the new year can bring up resolutions to finally get a new job. But what if you feel like you’re stuck in your job or career path because you have a credit card bill to pay? Or a mortgage? ‘Cause I’ve been there, I’m sometimes still there, and I’m working to move out of that spiral. I think there’s an easy approach.

You plan, you implement the plan, and you maintain the plan.

Easy. Or maybe not so easy. For me, once I’ve planned and started implementation, then I’m in it to win it. This state of mind goes a long way personally. I’ve found it also helps others a great deal. I’ve heard so many people say to me:

I wish I had/need a project manager for my life!


Well, you found him. I just happen to use Tarot to get you to the nitty gritty of that plan before we put pen to paper.

I’m Ready to Plan

I’ve been focusing a lot on career lately because I think it’s important to know that there is another tool to improve your plan, to implement a great job search, and to maintain your success in a role. That tool is Tarot.

Career: Planning

tarot, tarot reading, 30 minute coaching, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqa, lgbt tarot reading, skills, careerTaking a good look at your current skill base and your hidden skill set is the most important thing to start with whether you’re thinking of sticking around your current job or toying with the idea of moving on. I would recommend to anyone that they get a handle on their skill set so it’s easy to identify where you can be the most productive, efficient, and frankly, happy, at work.

The best part about identifying your skill set is that it leads to other insights like industry and career path.

Career: Implementation

tarot, tarot reading, objective 3rd party, lgbt, lgbtq, lgbtqa, lgbt tarot reading, tarot live, accurate tarot reading, divination, skills, job search, professional, careerGet on LinkedIn, Indeed, or other job apps and see what’s out there that matches your skill sets. Try matching the hidden ones too. And while you’re at it, if any industry or career path info came up during the course of your reading, you might as well dig into those. With such good info from your reading to search on, you’re bound to find jobs in industries and at corporations that you may not have expected (or maybe you did!).

But can you trust what those websites say? I’ve read many sites that advocated for inclusion and equality and supported the LGBT community. Though once I had the interview or met some of the current employees the impression the website gave me was gone. The marketing department talked a good game but the corporate culture did not reflect the values shared online.

Tarot becomes a great tool to work through all of those hidden unknowns.

You can have the insight you’re looking for without putting yourself through a time consuming exercise of application, interview, waiting period, additional interviews, and whatever else comes with the job of applying for jobs. Be more proactive in your job search and talk with a Tarot reader (like me!) about the skinny on those faceless giants.

Get My Job Search Moving

Career: Maintainence

Now that you have your job or you want to keep it, let’s chat about how Tarot can help you maintain your role. That comes in preparation for your week, navigating peer relationships, and managing up.

Week Prep

I am a strong advocate for preparing for your week. I like to prep for next week on Friday afternoon. It gives me two advantages. One, I have a plan for the week when I come in on Monday and I’m ready to hit the ground running. Two, I have a clean desk and mind when I leave for the weekend knowing that I’ve organized myself, I haven’t forgotten any loose ends, and I can let the office go for a couple of days to come back refreshed. (It also stopped me from having dreams about work.  Take that, sub-conscience!)

But how can Tarot help? If you’re not a great planner and you need some objective advice about how to approach certain parts of your week, Tarot can get you there. Along with someone like me who loves to plan, organize, and ensure your success.

Peer Relationships

husband, coffee meeting, tarot reading, free tarot reading, one on one, 1:1, manager, management, people management, tarot people management, feedback, one-on-one. peer relationships, careerPeer relationships are the bread and butter of the office. Without them nothing would get done. But they’re not always great, are they? What’s fascinating to me is that we spend nearly eight hours a day, if not more, with these people at work. That’s more time than we spend with our friends, family, or spouses/significant others.

I think we should approach peer relationships with Tarot the same way we approach any other relationship.

More than likely that leaves out romance and sex (…maybe). But the foundations of a relationship still exist. And since we’ve been using Tarot to explain our romantic relationships since the dawn of time, why not explore the professional ones?

Managing Up

The relationships we have with our bosses are delicate. Still, they’re a relationship just like any other. Yet they’re unique because of role power. If you are like me and you have had great bosses you totally got you and crap bosses who hovered over you and drove you crazy, then a Tarot reading can help you understand their motivations. With just a little insight, you can approach the relationship with grace and understanding, bold assertiveness, or just put your head down and figure out how to get out.

Managing Down

One on Ones are an effective part of managing a team. Whether you’re a project manager or if you have directs, one on ones are a necessity. Like the other relationships discussed here, the relationships you have with your direct reports can be tricky. Using Tarot to explore the tactics to best employ with your team when providing feedback, assigning a project, or performing a review can be indispensable advice. Managing people is not for the faint of heart. If you need a little push to know you’re heading in the right direction to motivate your staff, a Tarot reading might just be in your future.

I Want Success In My Current Role

Career: No Time Like the Present

Well, there’s a quick outline for you of steps that you can take to prepare for your next career step. Especially if it’s one of your resolutions coming up in the new year. Be sure to check out the links, they’ll take you to other posts on the same subject but with more detail.

I’m Inspired: Help Me Define My Career

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